Zoom Sessions

Fun A Day Dundee Hosts Zoom Sessions of 2 kinds:

1. Creative Sessions: Join others online to work on any art you like with company in the comfort of your own home! Often we have a theme or idea you can follow along with if you don’t have anything in particular you want to work on. A few past themes have been collage, portraiture, and watercolour. These are often hosted by Fun A Day Creatives as they tend to be in the Spring – Autumn outwith our main January project.

2. Artist Sessions: Hear from previous participants of FADD about their creative output and experience with FADD. Our community is so varied, we hear from those who are full time artists, as well as those who create in their own time.

Pamela & David Scott
Topics: Printmaking, Illustration, Public Art, Photography, Music & Videography.
In January we had the pleasure of speaking with participants Pamela & David Scott, a creative couple who have recently gone full time with their artistic careers in Dundee. They have connected with local organisations and businesses through public art, videography and more while being inspired and driven by the city and its people.

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