We love to hear feedback, and ask for it every year to see what new little projects and ideas are working, and what people love. Hear from our participants experiences to give you an idea of what’s in store!

Comments by participants following FADD 2021:

“[I enjoyed] having an excuse to take time everyday to be creative during a dark and depressing, locked-down, schools-closed, month.”

“[I enjoyed] connecting with other creatives. It was great to see the diversity of creativity and also inspirational.” – Tracy Dougall

“It gave me such a focus throughout January again, i didn’t manage to complete as much as last year but it was nice to have a positive distraction from lockdown. Was lovely to see everyone elses projects on Instagram too!”

“[I enjoyed] the online sessions. It helped me keep going with the project and the chat/interaction was really important during January with lockdown.”

“I think the supportive community is the main reason I take part, its so hard to get motivated in January.”

“It definitely kept people motivated through lockdown! I think it was extra special.” – Marta Mitchell

“I think what you have developed is perfect. I love the identity of FADD, and the range of people you have involved, social media presence, the overall vibe – it’s just brill!”

“I look forward to FUN a Day every year, I haven’t always taken part, but am always so glad i do. For me its usually about exploring a project I’ve been meaning to make time for and this year in particular its going to be a big part in my creative practice going forward.” – Judith

Comments by participants following FADD 2020:

– “[I ] thought it was excellent.  Accessible for a lot of people who maybe couldn’t get out.”
– “It was great to see everyone sharing on social media at the same time and the programme of events/blogs was really well thought out given the restrictions!

“[I enjoyed] developing new skills, being part of an artistic community, and making new art.
I have really enjoyed participating in FADD–it has been great to have encouragement and feedback on creative projects and it’s a lovely way to learn new skills through a positive arts network. I really like the way FADD has encouraged a diverse range of people with various abilities and a wide range of activities to take part. It’s something I now look forward to each year.”

“Although I didn’t make any of the social meets I loved the idea of community and connection, I still felt part of the art community knowing it was there for me if I could join in person, and it’s been the most inspiring year I’ve taken part. The online exhibition has challened me so much, to learn a new skill and make me want to keep using instagram, keep making the kind of art I make. Having a personal project like this is what reminds me of my personal artistic direction and motivation, when I was becoming disillusioned by college. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of it and feel like an artist again.” – Violet Fraser

“Fun A Day really inspires me each January to be creative in an every-day-down-to-earth way!  It’s a fresh start to the year, and it’s an added bonus to see what others come up with during their creative month!” – Ed Muirhead

“Great respect for the organising team led by Sam. None of this would have happened without their commitment. Thank you.” – Jane Prior

“I am not an artist but had opportunities in my work to be creative. I believe everyone is artistic but many don’t get the opportunity to recognise this. You give people the chance to discover this. I value the incentive to do something artistic at least every January!”
– David D Scott

“I enjoyed planning the project, researching ideas and making the pieces in different materials. I loved going to the social meets, meeting others and hearing about their projects. I liked the Zoom meeting for the online opening of the exhibition.” – Pauline Lavery

“It’s that time of year again! Fun A Day Dundee exhibition time! This means that I have once more been working on something all January… just cos.

Just cos I wanted to.

Just cos it’s a bit of fun during a cold dark month.

Just cos it’s nice to join in and be a part of something.

Just cos it’s good to create for the sake of it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Just cos I love to doodle and draw.

So here’s my challenge to you… for the next month or so do something just cos at least once a week. It doesn’t have to be a drawing, it can be photography, knitting, making, cooking, walking, something sporty, writing… ANYTHING! Anything that is just for you and just cos!

Have fun!

Suzanne x” – WhimSicAL LusH / Suzanne Scott

from top left: Suzanne Scott/Whimsical Lush, Ed Muirhead, J.M.Prior, Judith McDowall/Just Judith Design, Jennifer Robson, Eilidh Morris.

  • “Fun a Day is a really brilliant project set at the perfect time of year when you need something to get your teeth into after the crazy lazy holidays. I used my Project to play with landscapes-an avenue of my work I had always meant to explore but never got around to. It was great to have an exhibition to work towards that was just for me. A year later and my landscapes are now a regular part of my practice, so thanks a million Fun a Day!” – Jennifer Robson


  • “Fun A Day Dundee has brightened up my January for the last couple of years, its normally a bit of a down month, but having this to look forward to is really inspiring. I start thinking about it when things are pretty chaotic in December and cant wait to get going with a new project. I love seeing what everyone else is up to with all the updates and the exhibition in February gives us something to work towards. So looking forward to taking part again January 2018.  Thank you Fun a Day.”
    – Judith McDowall


  • “I created 10 drawings using POSCA pens, Windsor & Newton Pro-markers and Sharpies on card and photo paper to bring alive some colourful characters and vibrant scenes and it was really great to see them exhibited alongside other participants creative Funaday projects. Like Inktober, Funaday is a great initiative to encourage daily creativity and productivity and is especially great because anyone can take part in whatever way they want. It’s also fun to be able to see people’s creations in real time throughout the month through social media as well as feel supported throughout the challenge.” – Eilidh Morris

That’s TV Interview with Coordinator Sam, and participants Andrea and Sadie.

Feedback/ Responses following the project (google surveys):

– “I loved the relaxed atmosphere.”
– “There was no snobbery between different artforms; everyone mingled and spoke to each other.”
– “Such a mixed and varied group of work.”
– “I enjoyed seeing everyone’s work altogether and feeling part of something.”
– ” [Fun A Day Dundee is] very well organised and friendly, with extras at the exhibition (like sweets and music) made it very welcoming. Thank you for all your hard work!”
– “The volunteers were amazing and so professional, it wouldn’t have happened without them, I am sure!”
– “I massively appreciate the time and effort put into this project and think it’s something to be treasured.”
– “The whole thing was a lovely and enriching experience, thank you :).”
– “I hope Funaday Dundee goes from strength to strength and encourages even more people to create for relaxation.”
– “Fun a day was great to be part of. I found everyone to be very supportive and it was such a relaxed environment to push new boundaries”
– ” [I enjoyed] the diverse insight in the way people see fun a day / and all the different types of projects – like how some use everyday lives or one project to cover the whole month – love the way things are displayed [at the exhibition] too.”

Featured image: Jilly Noble.