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Follow this years project with our hashtag #FADD2020

If you have any questions about Fun A Day Dundee, or want to explore more about us, then please contact us directly through one of the following methods:

Over the years Fun A Day Dundee has naturally created an online and physical community, which changes and grows each year. Participants share their work and the progress of their projects, as well as encouraging each other through the month, online. To get involved, do not hesitate to message/ share/ introduce yourself on our Facebook page! Fun A day has also started regular ‘social meets’ for participants and ‘newbies’ who want to get involved. Please see the events page on Facebook to see when the next one is.

With the lockdown and covid-19 affecting our normal living, FADD responded with a permanent home for our community, to share, network, inspire and support. You can find FADDCreatives on Facebook and Instagram. Use the hashtag #faddcreatives to connect!

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