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Each year we have an official hashtag to collect all our posts and participants post together. For our last project & online exhibition we used #FADD2021

If you have any questions or comments about Fun A Day Dundee, please contact us directly through one of the following methods:

Fun A Day Dundee aims to be accessible, fun, and supportive. Whatever you personal or creative goals may be, focusing on having fun for a whole month may help you achieve what you’re looking for. We have a fantastic online community (and in person when we are able to gather.) Keep up to date with online social meets by following us on social media above, or contact us directly.

What’s New?

1. Our 2021 Exhibition was online like last years, and for 2022 we’re planning our in person exhibition again! We’re also hoping to host safe social meets and creative workshops online and in person for Autumn/Winter 2021 and throughout 2022. We’ve created a guide to share who we are as a community below.

2. With the lockdown and covid-19 affecting our normal living, FADD responded with a home where our community can share, network, inspire and support all year round. You can find FADDCreatives on Facebook and Instagram. Use the hashtag #faddcreatives to connect! We give up our FADDCreatives feed to our community. ❤

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