Online Exhibition 2020

Welcome to Fun A Day Dundee’s
2020 Online Exhibition

Featured image by Andy Carlyle

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Poster designed by JillyJilly

From the 31st of July, the fun can be found on our accounts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (meaning you can access the fun from your preferred platform!)

We have designed our Online Exhibition into 3 main sources of content:
1. Participant Portfolio Showcase – a web page that lists all 112 participants
(goes live on Friday 31st) You can now access this by clicking HERE!
(Best viewed on a laptop, but if you’re on your phone, change browser to desktop and flip your phone horizontally!)

2. Online Exhibition Schedule – an additional bundle of content to bring you some fun over the weekend! We’ve worked with our participants to bring you activities and insights into our community/ projects/ art work.

3. Participant Posts – Our participants will be joining in the fun over the weekend by posting their own content on their pages under our official hashtag this year: #FADD2020


Our Schedule of events being posted over the exhibition weekend:

Schedule designed by JillyJilly

What is Fun A Day Dundee?

Fun A Day Dundee is a creative body in Dundee that aims to get anyone and everyone making and creating in January! We transform January into a fun filled 31 day project where you can follow along with the community, sharing and posting, or taking part privately.

Projects can be anything, such as walking, painting, cooking, reading, knitting, drawing, taking photographs, sending letters, exploring places, learning something new, making time for a hobby… You decide how you can make your January fun, and commit to a single theme or change what you do daily.

Fun A Day has lived in Dundee for 11 years, and grows each January, bringing together a variety of people. Our community is made up of artists, non artists, hobbyists, children, and those who have never made time for creative projects! We have all age ranges involved and have seen group projects with families, colleagues, and even a primary class (this year) taking part!

It’s what you make of it, and we’re here to inspire, support, remind, and cheer you along the way. We typically have a showcase/exhibition to complete the project which is always a casual, fun and silly affair where we can take a step back, and be proud of what we achieved, big or small, together.

Our next project will begin on January 2021.
In the meantime, follow FADDCreatives – it’s our home during the year where you can drop by to communicate with us or the community, and if you’re looking for some inspiration/opportunities! At the moment, we post a create/fun prompt every Sunday/Monday. You can check out what our community has been up to by searching #faddcreatives on Instagram. (Also on Facebook.)