2021 Exhibition

Exhibition portfolio of 81/100+ can be found here! 🙂

Fun A Day Dundee encourages a whole variety of people (with varying ages, skills, interests, backgrounds, occupations) to make time for fun each January. It’s free and anyone can take part. You aim to have fun throughout the month by picking and working on a specific project you want to accomplish, or a skill you’d like to develop, or perhaps you’d like to try a bunch of activities because that’s fun for you. Whatever you do, many participants document and share their progress online where they can connect with FADD and the community of people taking part. Once the month is over, we showcase all these creative projects to the public as a fun filled exhibition. Check out previous exhibition albums on our Facebook page.

The exhibition is casual, fun, and silly! It is a chance for many people to exhibit for the first time, and is a safe environment with art and projects falling under different categories. Our last showcase as well as this years is all online! We decided to involve participants in posts, blogs, designs, activities, and giveaways in order to make the weekend special. We had a whole schedule of this content which you can see below:

We released the above content across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, posting the same content across 3 platforms, so there’s no need to jump around in order to find something specific.

The main part of our online exhibition was our online portfolio/showcase of participant projects which is linked at the top of this page.

We had 3 live events as well. These, as well as content as seen in our schedule was all provided by participants with the support of FADD & The National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

1. Haystack Monolith – Opening Night Zoom Performance

2. Victoria Wylie Hale – Art Session (Talk & Demo)

3. WhimSicAL LusH – Art Session (Talk & Demo)

We also had some activities & freebies on offer:

We had two fantastic designs to promote our official hashtag this year. Thanks to Kim /sonnet.bloom (1st image below) & Kirsty Angove (2nd below) for both creations. Their designs are similar to the style of their FADD projects this year. Follow #FADD2021 for exhibition and project content.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. P567 at Newtyle PS says:

    Mrs S,
    We are very impressed – you must have worked very hard! We enjoyed taking part last year and hopefully we can take part again next year! You are amazing!
    From P567 🙂

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