FADD Creatives

‘Fun A Day Creatives’

It’s the home of Fun A Day ‘all year round’ once our main January project is over!
We provide support, share skills, post prompts, host mini projects and workshops, as well as showcasing our community on our social media feed.
Our community is made up of FADD participants, locals, and followers from across the globe.

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What’s New:

August 2022:
We’re loosely active on Instagram & Facebook. We want to share posts of yours on our feed, events and opportunities that may interest our community so tag us and use #faddcreatives to let us help spread the creativity. We are also hosting occasional social meets, mini projects and zoom art sessions.

Keep your eyes peeled for a mini project as well as creative zoom session dates appearing on our feed. If you’d rather receive notifications about these via email, please let us know at funadaydundee@gmail.com.

In anticipation of Christmas and the start of January’s FADD 2022 starting, we came back with another festive mini project!
We had such great fun sharing all the wonderful FADD STARS last year, so have decided to create a whole new opportunity to get crafty. We provided (free of charge) copper wreath rings to our @funadaydundee and @faddcreatives community to be designed, embellished and transformed in anyway people liked. They could be colourful or neutral, playful or traditional. People could use old techniques, or try something completely new. It was absolutely up to YOU! Wreath rings were collected at @blend_dundee. Creations were shared with our community using the hashtag #faddcreatives.

Read all about it here!


To kick off the year off, we had Creative Video Sessions each week. These were a fun way of connecting with other people, as well as a great excuse to make time to work on a project, or to simply doodle with company on your screen.

History/ Information:

Fun A Day Creatives started out in March/April 2020. The lock down was in full swing, there was unrest, difficulties, and new issues facing everyone. We wanted to reach out to our community and do something. As our previous participants and community are so active on Instagram, we created a new Instagram account (outwith the main FunADayDundee) so that we could share our communities posts on our own feed. This allowed us to give our feed entirely up to anyone and everyone looking for a bit of support and creative inspiration with no pressure or restrictions.

Beginnings: Rainbow Feed

Our first success was creating a long rainbow down our feed. We asked participants to post images of colours on certain days using the #faddcreatives which worked beautifully. It was a fun and cheery way to connect together and share the support.

Prompts (2020)

Following this, we created weekly prompts that sparked ideas for ongoing projects, or new ones. They even inspired digging through old photos that relate to the prompt which were shared for fun.
We changed between ‘Free Sharing’ and ‘Prompts’ each week to share a variety of work by a whole network of people on our feed. Posts shared were about creative work, projects, photos, or for anything going on in people’s life!

Anyone can share/take part with these prompts and with our account on Facebook & Instagram, just follow us and use #faddcreatives in your posts to connect.

Fun A Day Stars

We finished up the year with a mini festive project: FADD Stars. We posted out little wooden stars as well as placing them for collection in local shops and cafes: Blend Dundee, Autumn Wren Forfar, and Double Door Studios Dundee. Free of charge and just a bit of festive fun! We were so impressed with the results, and the variety of creative takes on a ‘blank *star* canvas’. We’re excited to do more activities like this in future. Click here for the full story on FADDStars.


Creative Dundee article about our new venture here.

Dundee Kindness
We were very grateful to be featured in the Dundee Kindness campaign in November 2020. “Dundee Kindness celebrates some of the people, organisations and businesses who have gone out of their way to help Dundee during the present pandemic. They are just the tip of the kindness iceberg. There are hundreds of others who have given their time, talents, energy and resources to being kind. They have seen a need in others and reached out to help.”

For our segment, click here, and make sure to check out the other 17, as well as the hashtag for some kindness inspiration! #DundeeKindness


What people like about Fun A Day Creatives:

  • “That I’m surrounded by artists who have a real passion for what they’re doing.”
    – Gavin Cameron
  • “[I enjoy the] weekly prompts which can conjure ideas you wouldn’t have thought of.”
  • “[FADDCreatives] kept the sense of community going past January and really brightened up lockdown!” – April Black
  • “[I enjoy the] community, inspiration and motivation.” – Bridget Lesan
  • “[I enjoy ] the collective happy vibe and the daily activities and always the positive comments and content.” – Clare Stansfield
  • “[I enjoy] the prompts. Either encourages new work or makes me think about what I’ve already made and think about Re-sharing it” – WhimSicAL LusH
  • “[I like] keeping in contact with people and seeing what they create using the prompts.”
  • ” [I enjoy] getting the nudge to think outside the mundane…” – Jane Prior

Cover image by @bluebellebombshell