Did this one on the train this morning.

Did some more work on the software this weekend, none of which made it into this little loop. It is all a bit rugged and needs more work before it can be useful for actual music. One of the loops from this weekend has it, but I am not going to post it because it…

We’ve made it a week!

Hey all, Keep up the good work and have fun. Today I had a bit more time (yay Sunday) and made this arm warming creature.     Email if you have any questions. I can also put pictures of your projects up if you send them my way. Fun Fun Fun!

Warming Devices

Here are the warming devices for days 2, 3, and 4. Toasty.


Here are some pictures from the Repeater Fun A Day. Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

The next three

I have been neglecting updating the blog, but not neglecting my project. Here are the next three things that I wrote. I got a big set of loops, so things are pretty loopy. I might update the software with more synthesis support at some point, but what it really needs now is better saving, I…

My First Project

Hey folks! I am going to use this blog as well for my fun a day project. You can too! Just send an email to funadaydundee@gmail.com and we will set you up with an account. After several years of failed attempts, another attempt at thing a day. The only other year that I did it…

January First

Here are some pictures from today – A drawing inspired by a walk in the woods (Thanks Sarah), a warming device (Thanks Morgan), and the first glimpse of Repeater (Thanks Alexander A). Vivienne has her Fun A Day activities on her blog,   quackingdesigns.wordpress.com I will keep linking to people’s blogs and adding new pictures…

Happy New Year

It is January First. I hope you are ready to start having fun. If you have any pictures of your projects email them to funadaydundee@gmail.com and I will post them on the blog. Good luck.

So you want to Fun A Day?

How can I participate? Pick a project by January 1! Your project can be anything– a photograph-a-day, a poem-a-day, a painting-a-day, a song-a-day or anything you’d like to do every day for a month. You can find ideas and share your own project on the Fun-A-Day website. Let us know what you’re planning and invite your friends…