38 is a charm.

38 artists made work for the 2013 Fun A Day Dundee. We did it! Another successful year – Thanks to everyone who came out for our one-night-only exhibit/celebration. If you missed it, or just want to think fondly over some photos, here you go:

Thanks to everyone…

…who came to the event, and especially to the makers. We had 38 artists that participated – well done all! I will put up some images soon, but there are a few links I want to share first. There is a blog post about the evening in Dundee by Ben Robinson of _Black_Acrylic and a…


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come one and all. I have been looking at the work as it comes in – and getting more and more excited. Hope to see you at Roseangle tomorrow from 6-9. (!) !

Who’s ready to party?

January is nearly over, and on one-night only, Friday February 8 from 6-9, we will be celebrating at the Roseangle Cafe Arts. Are you excited?

A busy week for specimens.

Hello, this past week I have been collecting some fun things: shiny silver plastic, detritus from Tin Roof, the plaster from my flu jab, Super-8 film, Friday’s diary square, street salt, a pair of legs (attached), matches (one lit, one unlit), and coffee.

Exhibition Poster

I made a poster for the exhibition and celebration on Friday February 8, 2013 at Roseangle Arts Cafe (130 Perth) from 6-9. Come one come all, and tell your friends. There is still room for performances – so email us if you are interested in joining the fun.

Participants and Projects a’Plenty!

Hey all, I am so excited for the exhibition on Friday February 8th at Roseangle Arts Cafe from 6-9. There are many people signed up – here are the people I have confirmed. Keep up the good work! Abigail B: portrait photography Rosie B: stitched faces Jonathan B: 750 words written daily Morgan C: specimen…

Specimens – up to lucky number 13.

I have been collecting so many things. Actually just these things: Bee, Clamshell, Blood, Candy, Bead, Cube, Gum Band, Moss, Glass, Red Berries, Sawdust, 4 Olive Pits, and Snow. Here are a few pictures:

Nearly been a week already!

Well done all – I hope things are going well. I have heard from many people with exciting sounding projects. Hazel is currently displaying hers as a flickr set if you want to check them out: here I am still amassing specimens – here is my collection to date: Keep up the good work! Morgan

Day two:

Hello. I wont be posting every day this month, but I wanted to say what a great and huge response there has been for Fun A Day! Thanks everyone who has emailed to tell me about their participation. People are still welcome to start their Fun A Day – missing a day or two is…