2022 Participant Social Event

Due to personal demands that The Fun A Day Dundee Team had this year, the organisation of a public exhibition showcase for all our participants this year was unreachable. However, we knew how to manage our constraints and were pleased to be able to deliver our Participant (past, current and future) Social Event in August! Hosted at Blend Coffee Lounge Dundee on 12th August.

Photography by Jilly Jilly Design

We were excited to catch up with familiar participants as well as meeting new faces! It was a great chance to share who we are to the public, get people creating, having fun, and feeling inspired.

We hosted this event in the evening (our local cafe where many FADD meetings take place!) A long, crafty table featuring Kelly Reilly badge making, FADD postcards (from online exhibition last year), and FADD wreaths & heart decorations (from our mini projects over the past year) kept creative hands busy. The team and our participants helped create all decorations, help to set up, and welcome people into the event. The community vibes were strong!

We were so pleased to also have performances by participants; Haystack Monolith and 2 Stoned Birds, as well as our infamous pick n mix (known at our exhibitions) provided by local eco shop; The Little Green Larder.

You may have also noticed the wee paper hearts on our table decorations by this year’s particiant Kim McRae. Each one boasting some inspirational and self care messages.

For all our workshops, mini projects and events, we love to source local. This goes for our venues, catering, and printing of artwork. We also look for creative ways to involve/commission our participants, because there’s such a wealth of skills that we see in people every year, and just love supporting our community in fun ways to benefit them, us, and creative opportunities within the city.

We look forward to hosting our future exhibitions following January projects, as well as more social events such as this. Thanks to staff at Blend, participants, volunteers and the Team for making the event a success!

Link for Jilly Jilly Design

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