Mini Project – Wreaths

Did you know that over here at FADD the fun doesn’t stop in January? At other times of the year you’ll find us over on our sister account pages at Instagram and Facebook, @faddcreatives. On this account we love to rehsare work from the FADD community outwith the main January project, and also host creative prompts and mini projects which are of course all free to get involved with!

In the run-up to Christmas 2021 FADD Creatives hosted a project where we supplied wire wreaths to participants and invited them to decorate the wreath however they felt inspired! The wreaths could be collected from Blend, one of our favourite Dundee coffee shops and host to many a FADD meeting, or posted out to those who weren’t able to get into town.

As always, the FADD community didn’t disappoint with their creativity and the variety of wreaths that were made at home and shared online!

First up, here are some wreaths with lots of lovely traditional greenery. By Kyoshi Kreations (left) and @shonamasonmakes (right)

Keeping the green going with some other festive additions we have these by Kirsty Baxter (left) and @isabellabumbee (right)

Another pair of fab foliage-themed wreaths, by @amy_does_art (left) and @leah_gurr_jewellery (right)

These participants kept things festive and made indoor decorations using materials such as yarn and buttons. By @pauline.lavery (left) and @cazsim82 (right).

These blingy beauties made use of Christmas baubles to bring some sparkle to their respective wreaths! By @steampoweredfish (left) and Lesley (right)

Some participants let their imaginations run wild and eschewed a festive theme altogether (and why not?!). These two are by @nine9angels and @andintothetrees

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in with this mini project and shared their work – we loved seeing all the different takes on one base idea! We’ll have more mini projects coming soon, so remember to keep an eye on our FADDCreatives pages so you don’t miss out!

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