FADD 2022 Jan Project Complete!

We did it! Another month of fun- filled projects, art, and personal achievements! Pat yourself on the back if you took part this year big or small. It’s been a pleasure following all of our social media participants online as well, watching copious amounts of creativity flood our feed each day. Check out #FADD2022 for all that’s been shared so far.

Yes we did say “so far”. This is because we bring you a celebratory showcase of what has taken place through January in the form of an exhibition in Spring. We invite all of our participants to bring physical artwork and documentation of their projects, sharing an eclectic array of visual art and media in the same space, all in aid of the one goal: to have fun. It’s free and open to the public. As the theme is of course ‘fun’ we throw in some fun elements such as participant performances, pick n mix, music and art workshops.

The exhibition will showcase the diverse work and the participants behind the projects. It’s a fun, casual, creative, sparkly celebration of a simple concept that shows tremendous results. Some participants find themselves making a collection of physical art pieces, some making music most days of the week, others find themselves exploring art and mindfulness as well as many reflecting on themselves, their surroundings, and their plans for the year. We want to say a huge well done to everyone who gave it a go, and thank you to those sharing their journey online for others to see. Exhibition details to be announced in the coming weeks, but for now get 29th April -1st May in your diaries!

Look Back
You can divulge in each week of January past by reading our blogs here on our website. Best way to find each week blog post is by going to the FADD 2022 Archive section at the bottom of our website.

Fun A Day Creatives
If you’re looking for more community networking, lighthearted creativity and sharing, follow us on our sister account Fun A Day Creatives throughout Spring/Summer. The FADD Team is made up of passionate people who are previously participants to the January project, and together we have great ideas and enthusiasm for public art and projects. We encourage/advertise and showcase our community on our feed, which is 100% for them. Please tag/ message us if you’d like to share any opportunities, projects and activities on these pages (Instagram & Facebook.)

Here are some highlights of additional activities during the project including Social Meets online & in person, as well as our Artist Zoom Sessions where we chatted away to participants about their creative experiences and as well as making art.

For now, keep your eyes peeled on our sites and blogs here for events, mini projects and our exhibition.

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