Artist Zoom Session: Kirsty Dalton

Fun A Day Hosts Zoom Sessions of 2 kinds:

1. Creative Sessions: Join others online to work on any art you like with company in the comfort of your own home! Often we have a theme or idea you can follow along with if you don’t have anything in particular you want to work on. A few past themes have been collage, portraiture, and watercolour. These are often hosted by Fun A Day Creatives as they tend to be in the Spring – Autumn outwith our main January project.

2. Artist Sessions: Hear from previous participants of FADD about their creative output and experience with FADD. Our community is so varied, we hear from those who are full time artists, as well as those who create in their own time.

Thursday 3rd February 2022, 7pm: *Link here*

Kirsty Dalton
Topic: Wood turning, Fine Art & Design

Fun A Day Dundee 2022 has been wonderful & of course fun filled. As projects are beginning to wrap up, we’re connecting with previous participants of past years to share their experiences with Fun A Day, as well as learning a bit about themselves, and what kind of creativity they are currently working on – whether it’s professional or in their own time.

This week we meet with Kirsty Dalton. She’ll be talking wood turning, fine art and design.

Join us for this zoom call on Thursday 3rd Feb at 7pm

Bonus art activity with Kirsty at the end:

Materials needed: Paper and mark making instrument. (Pencil/pen/paint.)

-Dot Art- Pyrography is quite often referred to as ‘poker work’ from the Victorian era- which refers to people using their fireplace pokers to burn designs into wood. We’re taking inspiration from this bit of history to create a drawing or painting with dot work. Kirsty will be using pyrography and viewers at home can do it with the material of their choosing. (Pencil, ink, paint.)

Register soon because space is limited

We hope you’re able to join us!

More about Kirsty Dalton:

Hello, my name is Kirsty Dalton I am the owner and creator of Primitive Woodland Line. I am a designer that focuses on making things in wood! I love wood-turning and craving and I spend an insane amount of my time burning tiny details into each piece with a process called pyrography.

I get very easily excited about things, love a challenge and a cuppa coffee in my hand at all times. I originally come from a background in fine art which I studied at DOJ and graduated in 2015. I slowly transitioned over to design when I found my love for working in wood.

I was born and raised in Perth Scotland and I am currently living in Edinburgh. I sell my work in a variety of shops and galleries all over Scotland and you can also shop online at my Etsy shop.

The main processes I use to create my work are-

• Wood turning

• Wood carving

• Sanding

• Pyrography

• Hand painted wood stain finishes

• Finishes; varnish, wax, oils

I am always open to new projects and can take on commissions at any time. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Activity as part of the zoom session:
You can join in live on Thursday evening, or get busy later using the guide below to help.
(Video clips from the session will be posted here later.)

Kirsty’s website
– & Etsy Shop!

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