Week 1 of #FADD2022

What a wonderful start it has been to Fun A Day Dundee 2022!

We are delighted to welcome back participants, old and new, and are already blown away by the diverse and exciting variety of projects on the go.

Well done to everyone who has taken part so far. It has been such a FUN week!

Our team this year remains the same, with Sam Baxter as coordinator, Hannah Wingfield and Leah Gurr as Assistant Coordinators, Kirsty Baxter as Creative Facilitator and Jilly Noble as Design Specialist. These are the names and faces behind all of our social media posts, comments, images, emails and everything else in between. We love what we do and thoroughly enjoy sharing what our participants do also!

At the end of this first week, we are excited to have over 100 participants signed up to take part again. It’s encouraging when new participants join us, but equally wonderful to see those who have previously enjoyed being part of our community returning year after year.

Participant’s projects, so far, this year have included painting, crochet, sewing, song writing, photography, nature walks and the list goes on. Some people are sticking with one single project for 31 days, while others are doing a variety of different things throughout the month.

As well as taking part with individual projects, we really do encourage participants to connect with our Fun A Day community on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where you can share your own work using the hashtag #FADD2022 as well as keep up to date with other participant’s projects. It’s such a positive and encouraging space!

Our first Monday Funday post of 2022 went up at the beginning of this week, giving a little snap shot of what some participants have already been up to. Keep an eye out every Monday throughout January for more Monday Funday updates and see if there is anyone’s work that you haven’t yet seen.

Additionally, we would like to encourage our participants to sign up to our Zoom Sessions this month.

On Saturday 15th January at 2pm we welcome printmaker Pamela Scott and artist/photographer David Scott to share with us their studio space and an insight into their creative practice.

Participants are also invited to join our Fun Collage Art Session on Sunday 23rd January Bring a warm drink and keep your slippers on if you like. Make art and have fun with friendly folk in the comfort of your own home. What’s not to love?

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