Happy New Year! 2022

Happy Fun New Year!
Every January can come with baggage or anxiety. This can be from a busy, festive season, or from the seasonal darkness and cold, as well as looking into the year ahead, and the year passed. It can be a bit much, or just dull! Whatever your experience of January is, we’re here to make it fun!

We’re excited to share that we have over 100 sign ups this year, and are grateful that so many people are joining us on our mission to share, connect and make time for personal goals. Some projects are already underway which you can check out through #FADD2022.

What’s Going On
Every Monday we’ll share a selection of projects in our Monday Funday Collages as a snapshot of what’s happening. Our social meets are currently postponed due to covid cases locally, but we still have zoom sessions on the horizon. The team are busy on social media connecting, sharing, and cheering participants on. If you’d like to share the progress of your FADD project with the community don’t forget to use #FADD2022 in your posts.

Can I Still Sign Up?
If you haven’t already, but would like to join us, you can still sign up! Email us at funadaydundee@gmail.com to take part. The best way we can inform participants is through email, and we don’t want anyone to miss out.

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