My Fun A Day Story | Karen Morris

We are so excited to bring you another participant story today, this time with Karen Morris who you may know better as size3art. Karen has been involved with FADD as a participant for several years and last year designed this activity for us as part of our online exhibition. Read on to learn more about Karen’s creative practice and Fun A Day Dundee experiences, and to feel even more inspired for your Fun A Day Dundee 2022 project!

I’m Karen Morris AKA size3art and I’m based in Lanarkshire!

I’ve always been creative and enjoy trying out different creative pursuits but I’ve only been doing it professionally for a few years now. Every single day, I learn something new. And I love it! I love creating using many mediums and mainly create vibrant abstract art and design colourful greeting cards.

I came across Fun A Day Dundee on Instagram while I was still a student. I thought it would be a great opportunity to create for me and not just for college course work so I contacted FADD and asked if it was okay that I join in even though I’m not from Dundee, and they said yes! Although I was excited to join, I was also a bit nervous, but I noticed it had a very relaxed vibe which made me feel at ease.

I’ve completed three FADD projects to date and thoroughly enjoyed all of them! I guess you could say they all have the theme of being multicolour based and have somehow involved my young daughter, as I believe FADD is a great family/community project. And my daughter loves taking part with me!

FADD 2019 – I sectioned an A1 sheet of paper into 31 parts (one for each day of January), and placed a toy in each section. Each day, my daughter chose a toy and that’s the section I filled in. It turned out a really interesting and vibrant piece of art!

FADD 2020 – Each day in January, I asked my daughter to give me a name for a painting. I then created a painting/piece inspired by that name. This was so much fun as my daughter was only 6 and, at first, thought the paintings should have human names like “Bob”! And then they got really interesting and fun, with names like “Slime” and “Not Bad, Not Bad At All”! It was such a great exercise on using imagination.

FADD 2021 – This year, I wanted to use the project to get back into properly filling my sketchbooks which is something I LOVE. I feel it gets my creative juices flowing and I love having sketchbooks to look back on for ideas and inspiration! I had quite a few sketchbooks on the go that were different in size and purpose. Some were for patterns only and some for abstracts etc. So each day, my daughter chose the sketchbook I had to use and I filled at least one page with a creation. I was left with so much art and design that I still look back on for creative reference!

What I love about FADD is that it motivates me to create every day. Although there’s no need to do something every single day of January, I like to challenge myself to do just that. That’s the best thing – you can tailor FADD to whatever you prefer i.e. work related or a relaxing activity, etc. I also love seeing the absolute variety of projects that come through on the hashtags. It’s like a virtual exhibition for the whole of January!

In the 3 years I’ve taken part, I’ve also gotten to know some of the other participants which is great. And the exhibition at the end is a great experience!

This year will be my fourth year of joining in with FADD and I’m looking forward to coming up with a new project! It’s all part of the excitement of taking part. I’m also looking forward to the exhibition, to see everyone’s work on show. Although the ideal scenario is to have it in person (fingers crossed), I’ve also loved the online exhibitions where we “met up” and were entertained over video chats. Whatever the method, I know it will be fun and memorable!

Thank you Karen, we can’t wait to see more of your colourful art next January! If you would like to see more of Karen’s work please visit her Instagram.

If you would like to take part in Fun A Day 2022, you can do so by emailing ‘Sign me up!’ to

You can also follow along with the fun on Facebook, Instagram and twitter

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