My Fun A Day Story | Marta Mitchell

We love it when families and friends inspire each other to get involved in Fun A Day Dundee! You may remember recently reading David Mitchell’s Fun A Day Story and today we are speaking to his wife, Marta. Her FADD inspired creative adventures have included soft sculpture, calligraphy and lots of yarn! Read on and feel excited for where January 2022 will take you!

I’m Marta and I’m a crochet designer and an all round craft loving person – I’ll have a go at most things! 

My husband took part in FADD for the first time in 2018 and I found out about it through him. I then had a whole year to think about it and come up with a concept, yet still found myself stuck for an idea in late December! I decided to draw a flower a day, using all sorts of different materials and methods. Some days I did traditional pencil & paper drawings, others I made flower sculptures on the beach. I also collaborated with Coramantic and crocheted a flower head using one of her paintings for inspiration.

In 2020 I chose to design and make a crocheted doll. This was a big shift for me from doing one piece a day to working on a larger project over a longer period. I found the process and length of time suited me well.  There was definitely more flexibility in working on a bigger project – some days I did very little, others I crocheted till my hands cramped! I also surprised myself by crocheting a 2nd doll, starting on the 27th January!

In January 2021 I chose to try something completely different and focussed on hand lettering & calligraphy. Each day I spent between 5 minutes and an hour practicing and learning these skills. It was really good to be trying something else and I’ve kept up the calligraphy practice throughout the year which is good.

My favourite thing about FADD is the community on Instagram. I follow the hashtag and discover new accounts, make new friends and find things that make me smile each day. Everyone is friendly and we cheer each other on with encouraging comments.

I’m looking forward to taking part this year of course! I plan to crochet again – this time working a swatch of fabric each day, experimenting with new stitch combinations. If I make one a day, I’ll have 30 by the 30th and I can join them together into a blanket on the 31st! 

Thank you for sharing your Fun A Day experiences and plans with us, Marta. We can’t wait to see how your blanket turns out next month! If you’d like to see more of Marta’s work please visit her over on instagram.

f you would like to take part in Fun A Day 2022, you can do so by emailing ‘Sign me up!’ to

You can also follow along with the fun on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

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