Prompt Ideas for #FADD2022

You may have already signed up to take part in Fun A Day Dundee 2022, or haven’t got there yet, or maybe you are someone who’s hesitant to sign up due to being unsure about what to do during January. If you like having some direction, or a theme to follow, then this list of prompts may help and inspire you to plan for your Fun A Day Dundee 2022 project.

With similar creative projects like Inktober, there’s a clear outline to follow: Drawing with ink! That simple. With Fun A Day, because our project is so open and varied in terms of who can take part (anyone & everyone!), and it being up to participants on what they do each week (depending on their own personal goals and lifestyle), it can often be quite open ended and daunting for people to choose what to do, either in advance, or during the month. Our sister account; Fun A Day Creatives provided prompts one summer to encourage our community to get creative following different themes. It was also a good chance for people to look back on activities and artwork that they previously made which fell under the prompt of that week.

We hope that these themes/ideas will inspire you to plan something, or many things for January, and spur you on to email “Sign me up” to before January 1st!

  1. Relax: What do you do when you need to relax? Watch favourite tv show, go for a run, take a bath? Can you focus on relaxing more throughout January? Maybe you can explore new ways to relax if you don’t do it enough. Self care could be your overall theme.
  2. Continuous Line: How will you interpret this prompt? With some 2D art, perhaps some landscape art, maybe mapping your walks, or where you drive…
  3. Repeat & Alter: Printing comes to mind! Or perhaps you thrive on routine and want to document your home/work/family routines and traditions.
  4. In/Complete: Is there something you’ve never got round to finishing? Tv shows, games, books, artwork, sketchbooks. Make it your goal to complete these incomplete projects and activities.
  5. Your Lockdown in 5 Items: Perhaps you’d like to reflect on recent years with covid-19 and lockdown. Is there anything that stands out to you during this time? Did you take on new routines, hobbies or activities because of lockdown?

6. Splash Of Colour: Let’s embrace colour! January can be such a dark, dull month, and finding ways to embrace or find colour can brighten it up. Get painting, drawing, or photographing colour.

7. Local Shout Out: Are you passionate about local businesses, cafes, organisations. Perhaps you can share the people and places that inspire you, or that you love. Maybe you’re a photographer, and you could focus on your local surroundings.

8. Circles: This is quite open ended! You could print with circles, start a drawing each time you work on your project from a circle, create circles outside, photograph all the circles you can find, cook and document your creations in circle form (quiche dish, round plates, round bowls), write a short story based on the work ‘circles’…

9. Route/Map: Are you adventurous? You can share images from your travels, maybe maps of previous walks you’ve done, or walks and explorations during January. Perhaps you’re mapping out your plans and ideas for the year.

10. Grain: Think cooking, baking, exploring, farming, ‘going against the grain’…

11. Nature: Are you a keen gardener who’s planning the next season? Perhaps your house is filled with house plants & you’re re potting or painting pots. Maybe nature inspires you and you focus on plants and animals for your creative output (drawing, painting, digital art etc.) Being outdoors fill you with joy and inspiration? Go for exploratory walks and see what you can find.

12. Be Loud: Bold paintings, singing, loud performance art, or even embracing an instrument all month.

13. Sun & Moon: Will you focus on the different times of day, different representations of the sun and moon, perhaps you’ll photograph certain items or places at different times of the day.

14. Soft: Explore textiles, comforts, or the theme ‘soft’ with photography, writing, dance, performance art, poetry…

15. Something New: Is there something that you’re keen to start, a new hobby, a new experience, trying out a new creative material? Maybe treating yourself to a new version of something. Connecting with new people, or going somewhere new.

16. Pastels: Work with pastel colours or with oil or chalk pastels!

17. What Makes You Happy?: Focus on anything that brings you joy. It can change every time you focus on your project. Perhaps you’ll end up with a month where you have loads of different activities and creations all because you made time for yourself. Maybe there’s one main thing that you just love doing. Make time for that this January. Being social, meeting with friends and family? Perhaps you can write about your connections, or photographs those close to you.

18. Furry Friends: Focus your creative practice on animals in whatever way you like. Perhaps you document and share your dog walking. Maybe you can even make it your mission to photograph animals out & about.

19. Outdoors: There’s a lot of exploration to be had outside. Playing with your kids, making landscape art, going for walks/runs, photographing landscapes/plants/animals, bird watching, camping, wild swimming…

20. Cosy: Lastly cosy! It’s the season for wrapping up and keeping cosy. What items make you think of warmth and comfort? What will you do this month to warm up? What creative artwork will you produce on the theme of cosy?

Sign up to take part in January for Fun A Day Dundee 2022 by emailing ‘Sign me up!’ to

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