My Fun A Day Story | David Mitchell

#FADD2022 is fast approaching (yay!) and to celebrate our wonderful creative community (and maybe inspire some new people to join us) we are sharing the experience of some participants. If you’d like to share your story here too, just drop us a comment, email or DM!

Today we’re chatting to David Mitchell who has taken part with a varied range of projects, from the yarny to the digital!

I first heard about FADD back in the middle of 2017 and thought about taking part but wasn’t sure my idea was ‘good enough’! So, I just watched FADD2018 unfold from a distance over Instagram hashtags. This convinced me that A) – everyone was truly welcome not just ‘proper’ artists and full-time creative experts and B) – all ideas were valid if you are having fun!

FADD2019 came around and I decided to join in properly with loom knitting baby hats in all sorts of colours. There were a fair number by the end of January! It was great to take part in setting up the exhibition and seeing my little hats displayed alongside sculptures, paintings, music, crochet, poetry and more.

FADD2020 – I continued the loom knitting and decided on making toys this time. No plans or patterns. Just making them up! It was also fun to meet up with other FADD participants (luckily just before we went into lockdown).

FADD2021 – The very varied work of other participants inspired me to try something new. I wrote a computer program each day to generate a picture and explored all sorts of things from abstract patterns to blocky stick figures. It was often a challenge starting with a blank file, but an idea would always somehow emerge.

FADD2022 – This time I want to do something different again, and I have had the idea to do something with a ‘random’ element for a while. The plan is to roll Story Cubes each day and see what micro-stories I can write. Wish me luck!

It will be great to have something to focus on again as we enter another (probably) unusual year. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else is working on in the Dundee group and groups around the world. If anyone is swithering about taking part, I would encourage you to have a go. You will enjoy it and boost your creativity massively.

Thank you David, we can’t wait to read your Story Cube fiction! If you would like to see more of David’s work please visit his Instagram.

If you would like to take part in Fun A Day 2022, you can do so by emailing ‘Sign me up!’ to

You can also follow along with the fun on Facebook, Instagram and twitter

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