Catherine Mylles’ FADD2021 Project

One great thing about FADD, is we get the privilege to follow new creatives throughout the month. Catherine Mylles’s project put the humour in our January, and today we get to hear about her FADD experience…

I wanted to participate in Fun A Day Dundee for the last few years, I kept seeing it pop up on social media and thinking what a good project it would be but something would always get in the way. I think the difference this year is I really needed it! Something positive to focus on in January in the midst of a pandemic was invaluable to me. I can’t stress enough the positive benefits it brought, new social connections, seeing other inspiring work and being part of a creative community again was wonderful! Most importantly for me though, I loved being able to be creative on my own terms, there’s a commitment to producing some work but none of the pressure. I was reminded how much I love drawing and the happiness it brings me which was something I’d sadly forgotten. I’m happy to say my creativity and productivity have continued since January and I have Fun a Day Dundee to thank for that.  

I shared the stories of some animal friends and their experiences of lockdown. I was inspired by the news story of the dormouse that broke into a bird feeder, properly pigged out and became too large to escape. Turns out many people related! It genuinely meant so much to me to hear that people looked forward to seeing my daily posts on social media and that they made people laugh.  

Don’t forget to say hello to Martin the heron if you see him tucking into a pizza in Caird Park.

Thanks for telling us about your Fun A Day experience and project, Catherine! Some of Catherine’s work is shared below, and if you’d like to follow her on instagram, she is @catherinemyllesart

This is Jamie. He normally goes out hunting for food in the Sidlaws and Angus Glens but his plans have really been scuppered by this 5 mile from your house limit, which in his case is a nice 1 bedroom flat on the Perth Road. He’s taken to hunting for food at Clarks 24 hour bakery and has really got a taste for their steak and gravy pehs.

Helen REALLY MISSES THE PUB AND HER PALS. She’s dreaming of the time they will be allowed a socially distanced tinny at Lochee Park (Malcolm will bring his fire pit).

This is Martin, he lives in Caird Park in the Gelly Burn. He normally dines on the choicest fish and occasional small mammal at Trottick Ponds but lockdown put a stop to that. Domino’s pizza delivery was just so convenient and he loves the Cheeseburger Pizza (stuffed crust).

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