Participant Blog – Falda Johnson


I can’t believe its almost Three months since I started my Fun a Day Dundee (FADD) photo project.  Although I signed up to take part a few weeks before January 1st, it wasn’t really until a few days before that I actually decided what my project was going to be.

I’ve been trying to build my photography skills for a year or so, especially outdoors, and this seemed like the perfect excuse to really focus some meaningful time on a photo based project.  I decided to use the month to explore the city and photograph some of its lovely, colourful shop and café fronts.

It was such a great opportunity to celebrate the businesses in our City, most of them were closed due to lockdown so it felt even better to celebrate them during a time where we are missing our favourite haunts.  

I have to admit, I was quite anxious to share the photographs I took and did spend a long time trying to get the perfect shot, so ended up taking way less than I initially intended.  Most places I went back to a few times so that I could try it in different lights, however, I have to admit that this made it even more enjoyable, it gave me and my little ones a focus on our daily walks-searching for ideas, taking our camera(s) out and having a bit of fun.  Milne also has a Polaroid camera which her Aunt bought her last year so she took that along with her and took her own photographs, one of she took ended up being one of my final image -can you guess which one?

This was such a great way to start 2021 and despite initial concerns that it would be a bit time consuming to commit to around my girls and running my own business, I actually found it refreshing and exciting to build my skills and  get to know my City a little bit.  

But the absolute best part of FADD was connecting with an amazing online community, during a time where we are all feeling quite isolated I felt supported with my project and I loved following the #FADD21 to see other peoples.

I cannot wait to take part again next year.  A massive THANK YOU to the entire team who have worked so hard to create this community and work year round to keep people inspired and sharing their work.

All photos used in this post were from Falda’s instagram. Feel free to follow her there to see more!

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