FADD 2021 – What’s Next?

Featured Image: Falda Johnson

Congratulations to everyone for January!!

This year, FADD 2021 has been a wonderful and welcoming opportunity to have fun and to focus on creativity, especially when many of us needed a distraction from changes to our usual seasonal holiday and the year past. We loved watching the buzz of community, streams of posts, support and comments online by our participants and community throughout January.

It was another success, with over 100 sign ups, and the participation of a wide range of people with differing skills. Everyone chose their own projects whether it was something different every day or a weekly or daily focused goal.

Image above: Anne Petrie

The projects we saw…

Walking, photography, drawing, wood burning art, wood turning, crafting bags, crochet, weaving, knitting, painting, animal artwork, poetry, illustration, (lots of) digital art, pottery, practicing tattoos on fruit, jewellery making, sketchbook art, clay modelling, embroidery, flower pressing & resin molds, nail art, baking, customizing a guitar, print making, caligraphy, comics, music production, papercut art, diary/writing.

The people taking part?

Kids, students, artists, full time workers, part time workers, stay at homers, those who are self employed, and retired, as well as those who aren’t typically crafty/art, and those who are. Thanks to everyone who gave it a go, and to those following along!

Image above: Gavin Cameron

What’s Next?

We are having our second online exhibition, with the first being during the summer of 2020 following the completion of Fun A Day Dundee 2020. This year it’s in April starting on Friday the 9th – 11th, filling a weekend with online activities, videos sessions, blog posts, insights, and artwork. We look forward to sharing some of the ins and outs of our community projects with you virtually. We’ll have our poster and online exhibition schedule available soon…

Image above: Kim


Head over to our sister account: Fun A Day Creatives to be part of a fun and creative community all year round, not just in January! We have creative prompts & free sharing weeks for reposting community projects/photos/going ons, as well as opportunities and video sessions for some socialising.
Facebook Group (Home hub for video sessions) – Video Sessions

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