FADD Stars – Results

Before FADD2021 was launched, we decided to warm up with a fun and festive project: FADDStars. We gathered small, plain, wooden stars together – the perfect blank canvas for a bit of creativity! We attached some string and a little instruction note, then posted them out and about as well as leaving them in local cafes/shops for collection. The instruction was to decorate your little star, however you see fit. Maybe collect a few for your whole family to join in. You could decorate your Christmas tree, your windows, objects in your home and office, and brighten up the place with your festive creation.
We also asked people to share their stars online under the hashtag #FADDStars which was a wonderful way to see how our project evolved, as well as inspiring others to collect their star, and start festive projects of their own within their communities.

Our aim of this project was to be accessible, free, and fun. We used a simple design that already had string attached, and could be decorated in a great number of ways. All stars were free, as well as postage. We advertised this festive activity on our social media which typically has a wide variety of ages/people who follow/interact with us. As this project became a success, we’ll be looking into advertising it further next time!

Our locations for star pick ups were: Blend Coffee Shop Dundee. (A location where many FADD meetings have been had), as well as a business that supports, exhibits, and encourages support to creative organisations as well as artists. See Blend Creates on Instagram. Some stars were also left at Double Door Studios. A creative nook hidden within Dundee bursting with artist workshops and a public shop space open for sales and exhibitions throughout the year. Check out Double Door Studios here. Many of our community are based outwith Dundee, which is why many of our stars were posted (also great for those who were shielding/ staying at home during covid.) We managed to reach some more folk by placing stars in Forfar at Autumn Wren. A fabulous Eco shop packed with environmental products for your whole house, pantry and friends! Check them out here.

We were so excited to see the flurry of star photos coming our way throughout December, we wanted to wait a bit longer for any images that were still being shared. At last, here are all the stars that folk have shared with us. What an amazing creative assortment!

Instagram Profiles for stars, top left to bottom right:
andintothetrees , aprilblackdesigns
awesomeandersons , awesomeandersons , bluebellebombshell
bluebellebombshell , deevioso , Donna
emusingemma (all 3 in this row)
islaydavidson , jamesanderson , johanndunn_makes
juliewest.art , katiebirdiedoes , katiebirdiedoes
kir5tybaxter , kirstyangove_art , leah_gurr_jewellery
leah_gurr_jewellery , meanderingwindflowers , pamelaprints
pamelaprints , pauline.lavery , pauline.lavery
razzmakazz , shonamasonmakes , tracy_dougall_art

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