Week 1 of #FADD2021

Wow! What a fantastic start we’ve had to Fun A Day Dundee 2021!
It’s possibly been the busiest first week we’ve ever seen. On January the 1st, we were amazed by how many posts there was about starting and planning personal projects. As of today, we have 130 sign ups. A new record!

We’ve all had a challenging year in some way. For some it was small, others it overshadowed their whole year. As many of you know, we started up FADDCreatives (Fun A Day Creatives) during the initial lockdown in summer 2020. We had to inject some fun into our, and everyone else’s lives! As we go into another lockdown this month, FADD has come at a time where many people can take advantage of this project, and enjoy having a creative, fun and silly distraction throughout January.

As with previous Fun A Days, there’s a fantastic variety of projects we’ve seen on social media so far! We have families signing up for some planned activity time at home. We have students, full time & part time workers, those who are based at home and retirees. It’s great to see a variety of people sharing their thoughts, artwork, and general project progress in the same ‘space’.

Instagram tags for above works: @howatdesigns@emusingemma@beccafrances88@katiebirdiedoes

As it works out, Instagram is the busiest online platform for Fun A Day Dundee traffic. There is of course plenty of activity on Facebook and Twitter. For our participants who aren’t on social media, we keep connected via email, as well as providing video sessions twice a week. These sessions are similar to zoom calls, but through Facebook (no need to have an account.) We provide 2 different sessions to suit schedules and what people are comfortable with.
1. Morning Chill: This session is limited to 5 people and we encourage you to keep video and mic on. It’s a great chance to speak to fellow participants and talk directly to the FADD team. They’re casual, and there’s the opportunity to work on your project, as well as following Kirsty (FADD Creative Facilitator) as she works on a piece of art based off of a YouTube Pick. (Selected creative video lesson.)
2. Mics Off: This session has no number restrictions and you can choose to keep your video/mic off if you don’t want to directly participate. It’s similar to Morning Chill where you can use the time to work on your own project, follow Kirsty with an art practice, and speak with other participants if you wish.

We’ve really enjoyed our first sessions this past week, and look forward to hosting more! Our Facebook page for Fun A Day Creatives has a ‘Group’ called ‘FADD Creatives Group’. This is the home base for discussions, preparations and shares for these video sessions. Below is an insight into what this looks like. They’re open for anyone to join and it’s an additional way to connect with others, and learn some creative making at the same time.

We’ve also been featured in the press this week, helping us reach more people locally, thanks to Ewan Gurr. Another exciting addition this year is that we’ve been hearing from previous and new participants about their experiences with Fun A Day in the form of videos. You can find these on Instagram & Facebook. We look forward to seeing what next week holds, and love seeing daily updates from everyone. Thanks to everyone who follows FADD, as well as the participants who join in, and those who share their progress. #FADD2021 to follow & share!

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