Meet The Team- Leah Gurr

Before Fun-A-Day 2021 begins, we thought that it would be great to introduce this year’s team.  These are the people behind the social media posts, graphics, emails, blogs, and all the creative planning and facilitation that makes Fun-A-Day the wonderful and exciting project that it is. 

Our final introduction for this year is Leah Gurr. Leah is here to tell us about her work as a freelance designer, teacher, mum of three and what her role within the Fun-A-Day team looks like. You can follow Leah here on Instagram and see more of her works here on Etsy.

1.  Please tell us your name and what role you play as part of the FADD team?

Hi, my name is Leah Gurr and I am an Assistant Coordinator for Fun-A-Day Dundee.  I have a multi-faceted role, which includes creating graphics and posts for our social media platforms, writing blogs, engaging with participants online as well and recording, collating and sharing videos of participants and their projects.  I enjoy working as part of the team and also contributing ideas to the wider vision of both Fun-A-Day and FADD Creatives

2.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your own creative practice/work?

I am a jewellery designer, maker and teacher based in Dundee.  I work in ethically sourced precious metals and I run silver jewellery making workshops for both adults and children. As a qualified teacher and jeweller, teaching workshops and working with community groups, like Fun-A-Day, has been the perfect combination of both sets of skills. It has also allowed me to create a work schedule that fits around the needs of my young family.

My jewellery is mainly inspired by ecclesiastical architecture. The patterns, shapes and textures of which are very much reflected in my work.  Most of my works has a highly polished finish, something which I believe creates luxurious and high quality aesthetic.

3.  What have your own FADD projects looked like in previous years?

I took part in Fun-A-Day for the first time in 2019 and I used the project as an opportunity to explore and develop a range of 3-dimensional design ideas using white cartridge paper.

In 2020 I took these ideas that I had developed in 2019 and translate some of them into metal sample pieces, using a mixture of silver and copper.

In 2021 I hope to finally create some finished pieces of jewellery using these same 3-dimensional ideas.

4.  What inspired you to not only take part in FADD, but to also become part of the organising team?  

I initially heard about Fun-A-Day Dundee when I met Sam Sheriff at an Etsy Dundee meeting in November 2018.  It was my first time venturing out to any kind of creative get together since having my three children and I felt like a bit of an imposter and a little bit nervous. I didn’t know anyone, but having just started my own jewellery business, I was keen to connect with other creative business owners in the city. 

Sam told me about Fun-A-Day and others around the table talked about the project with such enthusiasm and joy that I knew it was something that I had to look into further. 

I loved the idea of using January to explore a new idea and I also found the daily commitment, not only to myself but to such a welcoming and encouraging community, a great way to stay on track as a creative practitioner. 

Having had such a positive and empowering experience as a participant, I jumped at the chance, in 2019, to become a team member.  I have learned SO much and feel very lucky to have had such a supportive team of like minded, enthusiastic and creative people to grow with.

5.  What is it that you love most about FADD?

The inclusive nature of the project! 

 Fun-A-Day welcomes everyone.  Those with professional training, those who are enthusiastic hobbyists and those who just want to try something for the very first time.   The culture of the Fun-A-Day community is very much about encouragement and not competition.  This has resulted in a fantastic support network being forged and real friendships being created. 

6. Do you have any other hobbies, interests or fun facts that you could tell us about yourself?

I love to crochet, read, cook and grow things.  I started my own little veg patch about 5 years ago in my back garden and each year I have expanded my growing space, one raised bed at a time.  I was delight this year to be offered an allotment, which will allow me to expand my growing space a good bit further. My kids love to be involved too.

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