Meet The Team – Jilly Noble

Before Fun-A-Day 2021 begins, we thought that it would be great to introduce this year’s team.  These are the people behind the social media posts, graphics, emails, blogs and all the creative planning and facilitation that makes Fun-A-Day the wonderful and exciting project that it is. 

Today we have Jilly Noble who has ‘officially’ joined the Fun-A-Day team this year, though has played and important role in previous years by creating graphics and doing some photography work for us. You can follow Jilly on Instagram or have a look at the incredible work she does on her website.

1.  Please tell us your name and what role you play as part of the FADD team? 

Hello, I’m Jilly and though I’ve been a participant and volunteer for FADD I’ve only just recently become an official team member. My role is design specialist which involves designing the posters, exhibition schedule and some social media graphics. Sam had asked me to create these over the previous years but I was delighted to be asked to join the team back in October. 

2.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your own creative practice/work? 

I’m originally from Aberdeen and studied visual communication at Gray’s School of Art. I moved to Dundee at the end of 2017 and work as a freelance designer and photographer, specialising in brand aesthetics for small businesses. I love helping creatives show off their products and the variety of briefs I get to work on.

3.  What have your own FADD projects looked like in previous years?

I first took part in 2019 and my project was all about bullet journalling which is my favourite way of keeping organised. I created a series of journal layouts throughout January which I really enjoyed as before that I mostly just admired them on Pinterest. In 2020 I attempted to draw every day as a way of experimenting with digital illustration. It was lovely to have time to draw just for fun!

4.  What inspired you to not only take part in FADD, but also to become part of the organising team?  

I first heard about FADD not long after moving to Dundee, I was too late to join in but knew I’d like to take part in future. It seemed like such an inspirational community and the exhibition was so joyful and full of colour. Working from home, it’s important for me to get involved with other projects.

5.  What is it that you love most about FADD?

Definitely the community, it’s very welcoming and inclusive. I love that anyone can join in and start a project that’s just for them, or use FADD as a platform to share their practice. 

6. Do you have any other hobbies, interests or fun facts that you could tell us about yourself?

Since moving to Dundee I also set up the Dundee Etsy Team and Vegan Dundee (a lifestyle review blog). These are both currently on hiatus with the pandemic, but I think it shows how I can’t resist getting involved in a side project! In my other spare time I love DIY, upcycling and secondhand shopping. 

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