Meet The Team – Kirsty Baxter

Before Fun-A-Day 2021 begins, we thought that it would be great to introduce this year’s team.  These are the people behind the social media posts, graphics, emails, blogs, and all the creative planning and facilitation that makes Fun-A-Day the wonderful and exciting project that it is. 

Today we would like you to meet Kirsty Baxter. She is here to tell us a little bit more about herself and her role as part of the Fun-A-Day team this year. You can also follow Kirsty here on Instagram.

1.  Please tell us your name and what role you play as part of the FADD team? 

I’m Kirsty and I am joining the team this year as a Creative Facilitator. As we are still unable to meet up safely in person with each other, I am going to be running online zoom ‘Creative Sessions’ for anyone who has signed up to Fun a Day 2021! It will be a chance to work on your Fun a Day project whilst chatting to other like-minded people. Of course there is also the option to turn your mic off, (even video) and just use the creative get together as a little nudge to get cracking on your amazing project! And if you are struggling to think of something to do I’ll be posting ideas in the new Facebook group.

2.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your own creative practice/work?  

My week usually revolves around my day job (Autism Practitioner), renovating our first home (ongoing for 2 years now ahh!), and making art work. Lockdown really helped kickstart my more regular art practice and I have really gotten into watercolour painting and oil painting. I also love video making and theatre arts!

3.  What have your own FADD projects looked like in previous years?

One year I put together a film made up of 30 different very short clips (1 for each day). I asked others to get involved too as I wanted each clip to be a visual interpretation of a ‘Coping Mechanism’. 

4.  What inspired you to not only take part in FADD, but also to become part of the organising team?

I really love to feel part of a community and so becoming part of the team was just the next step towards that. I first started taking part in FAD because I wasn’t dedicating any time in my life to creative outlets. I continued to do it because I knew that even if I hadn’t done any art throughout the entire year, I would manage to make a little time for it in January thanks to FADD.

5.  What is it that you love most about FADD?

I love that anyone and everyone can take part! I love that it includes all types of creative processes. I can’t wait to see that side of it develop and to start seeing different art mediums come into the mix. 

6. Do you have any other hobbies, interests or fun facts that you could tell us about yourself?

My husband bought me a surf board for my 30th this year….so I am LEARNING to surf right now! 

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