5 Reasons To Take Part In FADD2021

Are you thinking about taking part in Fun A Day? Or perhaps you know you are, but want a list to send to your friends/family who you think need that little extra push/piece of info to join you (and all of us in the FADD community) and sign up. Well, here are 5 reasons to do it…

1. The big and obvious one – Fun A Day can help you to achieve a goal, or make progress towards an even bigger one. That goal can be anything you like – many of our participants work on a series of, or one larger, art/craft piece over January, but perhaps you’d like to write some poetry, get out on your bike every day, make a dent in your Books To Be Read pile or just find a daily moment to photograph and reflect on? You can share as much or as little of your project and progress as you like.
(Photo above shows April Black at one of the social meets for Fun A Day 2020.)

Top left to right: 1. Kelly Reilly (lovekellyreilly_bespokegifts) 2. Melissa Latto (nine9angels) 3. Sandra Cassidy (sew confident sandra) 4. Melanie Gilligan (mformelon) 5. Sophie Siegel (The Candle Bothy) 6. Caroline Muir 7. Shona Mason 8. Jack Anderson (Dundee Woodturning) 9. Kim (sonnet.bloom)

2. Start the new year on a high. Many of us use January as a fresh start and a chance to form new habits. Fun A Day will help you stay motivated and make 2021 a positive year. You’ll be part of a community who are all working towards projects and goals, keeping that New Year feeling going right through the month and stopping that flagging feeling setting in.

3. Fun A Day is a fantastic way to make new friends and be part of a welcoming creative community focused on fun and mutual support. In previous years we have held social meets where you can turn the contacts you’ve made online into real world connections (at some of these you can also join in with group craft activities or art/craft materials swaps!).
(Images above from meets during 2019/early 2020.)

In 2021 these meets will look more like this :

… which means you can do join in from the comfort of your own home, wherever that may be, with a cup of tea made just the way you like it!
(Image above from our 2020 online exhibition where Mark Urban (Haystack Monolith) performed on the opening night.)

Images above from 2020 participant projects. [left image] (top row); daftspaniel , the_ladybird_and_penguin , cazsim82; (middle row) andintothetrees , mrsdaftspaniel , awesomeandersons; (bottom row) ultimatecrochet , johanndunn_makes , literallyanu
[right image] (top row) isabellabumbee , bluebellebombshell , pkelly1769; middle row: pamelaprints , pauline.lavery , eilidhmorrisart; bottom row: ailsathescallywag , rachelfoxfire , skmcreates

4. What else have you got to do? Okay, that’s a bit of a cheeky question, but… it’s January. Not the most exciting month of the year for many of us, and taking part in Fun A Day Dundee can be a great distraction from an otherwise dull month.

5. To enjoy seeing everyone else’s creations coming together in real time. So far this list of reasons has focused on your project, but half the fun of Fun A Day is seeing what everyone else is making! By following our blog and social media pages you’ll be able to see a huge variety of projects progressing over the month, and you can cheer them on “live”!

(Images above from 2019 exhibition, top row and bottom right taken by Jilly Noble.)

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