My Fun A Day Story | Jenna

We are excited to share another participant story with you today as FADD2021 grows closer and closer. Maybe Jenna’s story will be the one that inspires you to join in! (You may already know Jenna as @bluebellebombshell on instagram). If you’d like to read the rest of our participant story archive click here to see all the posts.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your creative work/hobbies… 

I am Jenna, aka Bluebelle Bombshell. I am an artist, and illustrator from Fife. DJCAD past graduate, class of 2001 in Fine Art Printmaking.  I am a mummy of two wee girls and wife to Chris. Nature lover. Bird twitcher. Cat Mummy of 2 rescued cats, Osker and Alba. Part time Veterinary Nurse. Runner (currently injured!). Coffee Drinker.

As an artist I create works inspired by the natural world. Birds, animals, flora and fauna, sunshine, words to inspire, and to ‘make HAPPY’ in people’s lives… mine included!

How did you hear about Fun A Day Dundee?  

Friends of mine had taken part in Funaday in preceding years, so in 2019 I decided NOW was the time to take part. I was nervous, but excited to get going. It felt like a new start art-wise for me… a new beginning. The thrill of creating with some kind of exhibition at the end of the process gave me so much confidence, and made me stretch my skills again.

Please tell us a little about projects you’ve made as part of FADD in previous years… 

The first year I created a project called ‘Make Like A Sunflower’ inspired by the giant sunflowers we had grown in our garden the previous summer. Tall and strong. Reaching for the sky. A Colourful triptych of embroideries and paintings were the final outcome.

2020 my project was titled ‘The Birds I’ve seen When I’ve Been Running’. A collection of bird related imagery inspired by all the tiny birdies that had followed me on my way as I ran and trained the previous two years. The final pieces were wooden roundels with birds painted and drawn upon them.

What are your favourite things about FADD? 

The sense of community, and a greater whole is such a lovely vibe for January. It’s dark, and usually chilly. But it’s lovely to think of all the other makers beavering away creating and ENJOYING the process each day. No pressure. Just fun. With beautiful and inspiring things made at the end of it. All so different. All so personal. The NEWNESS of the New Year, being made into a SOMETHING.

What are you looking forward to about FAD2021? 

FADD2021… well I’m excited to have a focus for January. I may start something new, or try a new technique. It’ll likely be nature or bird related. That’s my passion, and my own kind of HAPPY. This pandemic is here for now, but it doesn’t mean we can’t do something special or new and exciting to stir our senses, to get those cogs working, and to push our creative abilities and ideas somewhere new to shift the focus.

In with the NEW. Funaday is to me what it truly means!

Thank you for sharing your FADD story with us, Jenna! If you’d like to see more of Jenna’s work, please visit her instagram or etsy pages.

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