My Fun A Day Story | Pauline Lavery

Here at Fun A Day Dundee we love to hear about what inspires the people behind the projects, and to get to know the members of our creative community. We are sharing some stories here to showcase some of the amazing work created by participants and hopefully inspire you to join in too. Today we’re talking to Pauline Lavery, who you may have seen on instagram as @pauline.lavery and whose work is often inspired by places – including Dundee!

Please tell us a little about yourself and your creative work/hobbies…  

My name is Pauline Lavery. I am from Dundee, I left full-time employment a few years ago and since then I have taken the opportunity to do my own work, teach the occasional workshop, do the odd talk and exhibit my art.    

My work is inspired by places near and far…In 1999, I was selected for the Japan Foundation Secondary School Teachers’ Study Tour of Japan. At this point my painting developed an oriental feel with intricate detail, rich colour and the imagery which had flooded my senses during the visit to Japan.  Moving on from this my work has evolved and changed to include subjects much closer to home but using a similar detailed style.   For several years now, I have been exploring aspects of my Dundonian roots by delving into my childhood memories, Dundee’s rich history, songs, stories and affection for my home city.  

How did you hear about Fun A Day Dundee? 

I heard about Fun a Day Dundee from a friend who took part a few years ago and I thought it would be something I would like to do as it sounded interesting and exciting. Having more time since leaving work, I decided to get involved and after a bit of research on the internet, I signed up. I wasn’t too sure what to expect and thought that perhaps most of the activities would be online; however, I was happy to be invited to a social meeting and materials exchange at the start of FADD 2020. I found this meeting very informal, friendly and welcoming, I was a bit apprehensive about going along but I really enjoyed it and I was glad I decided to go. There were several more meetings which I went along to and I met lots of the other participants and I loved hearing about their projects.  

Please tell us a little about projects you’ve made as part of FADD in previous years…  

I have only taken part in FADD 2020. My project was an A to Z of Dundee creating drawings, paintings and sculptures all based around “my Dundee”.  
I also got involved with the mini crochet project to make bunting…even learned to read a crochet pattern.  

What are your favourite things about FADD?

I enjoyed being focused on my project throughout January, I liked meeting lots of different people at the social events and I was inspired by the enthusiasm of the organisers. I was impressed that the FADD developed into FADD Creatives giving out prompts throughout the lockdown to keep the community in touch and lightening the mood during these testing times. It was disappointing that the exhibition did not go ahead; however, I really enjoyed the online exhibition and the virtual opening which was fun (and my biggest ever Zoom Meeting!!).  

What are you looking forward to about FAD2021?

I am looking forward to thinking about next year’s project; it will be good to focus on something new and be part of the FADD community. 

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Pauline. We especially love seeing the city Dundee represented in your artwork! If you’d like to see more of Pauline’s work please visit her instagram page, here.

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