My Fun A Day Story | Rebecca

As we approach Fun A Day Dundee 2021 (only just over a month away now!) we are sharing stories from past participants to inspire you and showcase some marvellous creativity (to read more stories, click here to visit the archive). Today we’re speaking with Rebecca, also known as @woollyjones, who has been taking part in Fun A Day since 2014!

Please tell us a little about yourself and your creative work/hobbies… 

I’m Rebecca, also known as Woolly Jones. I’m a Fine Art graduate trying to bring the spark back into my creative practice. I’ve spent a lot of time working with textiles in the past but my current focus is print making, digital drawing and recently I’ve been learning mould making/casting.  

Colour and aesthetic are the most important aspects of my work.  

How did you hear about Fun A Day Dundee?  

I heard about the first Fun a Day (2013) from a friend. I visited the exhibition and have taken part every year since! I’m always excited to be involved, especially in the last few years, seeing how much the project has grown and the huge variety of styles and interpretations of something ‘fun’.  

Please tell us a little about projects you’ve made as part of FADD in previous years… 

I try to pick an idea that is different to whatever I’m currently working on. Some of my projects have included drawing, baking cakes, photography, a collaborative painting piece with a friend, textile sculptures and more.  

One of my favourite pieces was a collection of stickers documenting my daily life with chronic illness (and my love of microwave rice). 

What are your favourite things about FADD? 

Meeting new people is definitely one of my favourite aspects of Fun a Day. Even this year – the online exhibition and engaging with other participants via social media has been inspiring. Another favourite is learning new skills or working in a new medium. Sometimes my project develops and is completely different to my initial idea! 

What are you looking forward to about FAD2021? 

My personal art practice has flourished this year so I feel like I have lots of ideas for 2021. I’ve found that creativity has been an important coping mechanism for me during the pandemic. I’m interested to see how FADD will continue to adapt and have really enjoyed taking part in the FADD Creatives community during the rest of 2020. 

January usually feels like a fresh start, even more so for 2021. I’m always buzzing to get started on a new project at the beginning of the year.  

Thank you for sharing your Fun A Day Story with us, Rebecca! To see more of Rebecca’s work, please take a look at her instagram or etsy pages.

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