Fun A Day Stars

Fun A Day Stars is a mini project we’re hosting just for fun!
It runs from November- December 2020, and is available to anyone.

We’re supplying little wooden stars for you to decorate, hang up on your Xmas tree, or workplace, or randomly around your home. These stars are free, and accessibly by post or at local locations. We’d love you to share a photo of your personalised star online, so please use the hashtag: #FADDStars so we can see it!

We’ll be sharing photos of stars over on FADDCreatives: Instagram and Facebook.


  1. ‘Sign up’ by messaging FADD or FADDCreatives. “I’d like a star please!”
    (, and see here for links to our online platforms.)
  2. We’ll then provide you with the pick up locations or arrange for (free) postage depending on preference.
  3. Decorate your star however you like!
  4. Hang it up in your home/workplace/Xmas tree or gift it to someone else.
  5. We’d love to see what you do with your star, so please use the hashtag: #FADDSTARS online. You can also tag us in your posts.


1) To connect to the community together in
a non digital format. (Having something physical.)

2) To ‘warm up’ creatively for FADD2021.

3) To provide individuals and families with a
small, creative, fun, and festive project
during a difficult Christmas (covid-19.)

4) To support local businesses.

Check out the hashtag #faddcreatives (specifically on Instagram) if you’d like to see what the FADDCreative community have been up to this year!

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