Poetry: Sorcha Pringle – Exhibition Blog Post

Poetry: Sorcha Pringle –
Exhibition Blog Post 

We wanted to share the fun a bit further for our online exhibition, so we asked participant Sorcha Pringle to share some of her poetry for us today…

January: a poetic anthology

Traffic jams and nippy breeze
Slow moving shoppers and blustery seas

Arguments About who’s to pay
Towns a bit frantic today

Fairy lights and silence sounds good

Time to chill and tasty food
The knots in my chest begin to ease,
Breathing slows And panic leaves

Drip drip

Drap drap
Hussle bussle
Russle tussle
Streets are grey
Sleepy today
People grim
Dog owners dim



Bluster bluster

Blister blister
Shiver shiver
Sugar sugar
Spice spice

All things nice
The worst is yet to come


Illustration above created by Jonny Farquhar

“Fairy Lights and Silence” three short poems are arranged on a flat grey background. On the right hand side is a street scene of a person using a guide dog to navigate past some shops. The food and wine shop in the background is open and lit, with a queue of people wearing face masks waiting to enter and a homeless person sitting begging. The ‘shelter’ shop beside the guide dog user has a closed sign in its blacked out window. A meandering line of lit rainbow coloured fairy lights leaves the border of the street scene and twists its way between the poems, before curling round a cup of steaming coffee at the bottom of the image.



Pound haze…
Pound pound pound
Haze haze
Mist mist
It all begins again

A simple call

A consultant’s call
A car in gear
Headache severe
A doctor’s words
A scan for sure
The grumble has the right to tell me my plight



Feel stupid
Unable to be me

Too different
Not normal
Not right.



Laughed at, hated,

Not just a diversity quota
Won’t be your tick box exercise any longer


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