How It Felt: Craft Workshop for 2020 Online Exhibition

How It Felt: Craft Workshop
for Online Exhibition 2020

Hello Everyone! How it felt (regular participants of FADD) have provided a special collaborative workshop for our Fun A Day Dundee 2020 Online Exhibition using the projects prompts that we shared as FADDCreatives during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Before you get creative with the workshop, here’s a list of materials you need!

Egg box carton
Coloring pens/pencils
Colored Paper
Glue stick
Double side tape
Optional (ping pong balls or paper/cardboard)

And anything else you’d like if you want to follow the prompts or your own ideas it’s your creation!


Be sure to tag your creations at #hifcraft #FADD2020 we’d love to see your Dragon Friends!

If you’re enjoying what you see please check out more crafty videos and content by HowItFelt below!

InstagramHappy crafting guys lets all have a fun and beautiful Fun A Day!

Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 3.25.03 PM


Check out our other blog posts for the 2020 Exhibition Weekend by searching for ‘Exhibition Blog Post’ in the title!

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