Various Participants – Exhibition Blog Post

Various Participants
Online Exhibition Blog Post

Liam Palermo
Kirsty Dalton
Kirsty Baxter
Katie Gammie/katiebirdie

We wanted to share the fun a bit further for our online exhibition, so we asked the participants above for an insight into their fun a day projects and art practices…

Liam Palermo

“As a designer we are heavily inspired by the events and environment we find ourselves in. During lockdown I produced a series of ‘show card’ inspired posters conveying important public health messages, making fun of the great toilet roll wars of 2020 and of course, Carol Baskin.”
Liam created similar work in January for Fun A Day Dundee, which you can check out in our 2020 Participant Portfolio or over on his Instagram.

Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 1.10.48 PMScreenshot 2020-07-29 at 1.10.34 PMScreenshot 2020-07-29 at 1.08.52 PM


Kirsty Dalton

“After a busy winter season – it is always tricky for me to feel inspired and find a good work ethic at the start of the year. I find doing the Fun A Day project allows me to experiment and develop new and unusual work, which guides me to having a fresh
start to the year.

My project focused on using discarded wood. I created sculptural forms from them and added burnt in details and hints of colour. This resulted in some unusual free- standing wooden sculptures and allowed me to embrace more colour into my work. This small project sparked my interest and encouraged me to use colour in my work again. It has led to a new line of colourful homeware which has been so much fun to create!”
You can find more work by Kirsty over on Instagram.


Kirsty Baxter 

Kirsty works at Angus Creative Minds, a creative organisation based in Forfar. She regularly runs workshops, encouraging people to test different art styles and experiment creatively in many different ways as a group. Here she shares a reflective art making process to encourage new creations and self reflection!

Use resources to find images that best represent your past, present and future. These can be cuttings from newspapers and magazines of words and images. Use these cuttings to arrange in a symbolic way on the board in front of you.

Simple Mood Board (flat)
Developed to become a Jigsaw (once stick down, cut into jigsaw shapes)
Developed further into a 3D Mood Board (get extra creative!)

If you struggle with this concept or it’s too personal, feel free to instead create a mood board using these themes as inspiration:

-Fantasy and Reality
-Science and Religion

Screenshot 2020-08-01 at 10.46.51 AMScreenshot 2020-08-01 at 10.46.42 AM

Kirsty has also shared with us a series of images depicting the layering technique when painting with watercolour.
Check out more from Kirsty over on Instagram.

Katie Gammie/katiebirdie 

‘Birdie Bingo’
“I spent 30 minutes every day drawing using any medium. Initially i was going to draw anything that took my fancy but after drawing birds for the first few days decided to stick with the theme. Some drawings were finished over the course of a few days and others a lot quicker.”
It’s fun to see projects in motion so we love this wee clip of Katie drawing one of her birds !(below) You can see more work by Katie over on Instagram


We’d also like to share Pauline Lavery’s website here! Pauline’s art has recently been inspired by Dundee, and we got to see some of that inspiration fall into her FADD project as well!

…As well as Rachel Fox’s blog post that shares her project in detail with attached video! Check it out!

Check out our other blog posts for the 2020 Exhibition Weekend by searching for ‘Exhibition Blog Post’ in the title!

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