Activity Sheet: WhimSicAL LusH for 2020 Online Exhibition

Activity Sheet:
WhimSicAL LusH
for 2020 Online Exhibition

We wanted to share the fun a bit further for our online exhibition, so we asked our regular participant; Suzanne Scott to create a collaborative activity sheet, so that our viewers of the exhibition can go away and get creative themselves! It’s a fun starting point, and who knows… by doing a wee doodle/digital art/text piece with Suzanne’s drawing, you may have trouble stopping yourself doing more!
You can save the image & draw/paint digitally or print it out and get creative with pencils, paint, collage…whatever!


Suzanne had a few ideas of her own, and decided to get creative with the worksheet.
We hope these will inspire you to get busy and have fun!



Check out Suzanne’s FADD project below…

‘Mountain Life’

“I created this piece for my 2 year old niece, Brea, who lives high up in the mountains
in the French Alps. I’ve been wanting to create her something for ages now, so this was the perfect time/ excuse/ push to do it. I wanted to create things for her that stem from this picture and make it come alive so I made it into a 3d paper diorama and created a mobile to hang above her bed to capture her imagination as she falls asleep. Fun A Day was the perfect ‘excuse’ as always to get creating, even though I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to grab enough time for an extra project this year. It’s an important reminder for me to always make creative time for myself, you never know what may come of it! In fact the roe deer and red squirrel I created for Brea now feature in the wooden mural I was making for Roxburghe House. A fun thing for her to spot when she comes to visit Scotland.”
WhimSicAL LusH on Instagram



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