Wow! What a Great Start to 2020!

Fun A Day Dundee 2020 has had an amazing response with so many active projects buzzing about! We have had people sharing warm up posts prior to the project beginning, then hundreds of posts over the start of January, and we’ve got to see so many participants in person at our social meets! It’s been wonderful.

Our busiest site for participants sharing their work is on Instagram. Check out some of the work that’s been shared already searching the hashtag #FADD2020 and clicking ‘recent’ to get the full picture!

Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 1.28.49 AM

In the run up to Fun A Day Dundee starting, we thought it would be a great idea to organise a ‘Craft Share’. A social event where we meet over coffee, discuss our ideas for the project before it begins, while swapping art and craft materials with each other. It was ideal to have a wee clearout of un-used, un-wanted, and old art materials, and also to pick up some materials that could inspire the beginning of a Fun A Day project. It’s a win win! This event was a success, and we shall be doing it again!

Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 1.32.21 AM

Some pictures from the craft share…

By the time the project was beginning we were so excited that we had welcomed over 100 people into the project! It makes us happy that so many people are keen to make time for fun and join in over the month. We now have 155 participants. Yay!

Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 1.32.41 AM

The first week can always be quite tricky, and we do encourage people to give it a go, change it up, not to worry if they haven’t got into the swing of things, and to remember just to have fun!

We can’t wait to see what projects evolve over time…


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Do check out our ‘Monday Funday’ Collages every Monday on Instagram to see a wee snapshot of work in progress.


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