My Fun A Day Story | Suzanne Scott


Every year we are inspired by the variety of skills on show during Fun A Day in Dundee. We want you to be inspired too, so we’re sharing some of our previous participants’ stories as we start Fun A Day Dundee 2020! 

Whatever you’d like to create, we want to see it! 

Let’s hear from Suzanne Scott of WhimSicAL LusH, who has taken part in Fun A Day over the years.


‘For some creatives January can be a quiet month and a stark contrast to the busy festive season. I like to keep a commission or two to work on in January if I can and I try to save a little time for fun too.

‘It’s really nice to start the year with a bit of me time, which also means play time.

‘Playtime is fun and very often leads to development and new lines of work. It‘s great to let all those ideas run free that have been bouncing around in my head, desperate to escape. Feels so good to let them out to play and see if they might become something!


‘I work (and play) in my studio in Meadow Mill, very often accompanied by my wee scruffy dog, Lupin. As well as having all my inks and paper and paints there, the space is full of inspiration – and plants! So many plants. In January the studio starts to fill with new treats and smiles for fun a day.
‘I’d urge everyone to take part. There are no rules, only those that you place on yourself. You don’t need to be a professional to join in – you just have to want to create and have fun doing so. It’s wonderful seeing everyone sharing their work over the month, it has such a fab community buzz about it and can be a lovely way to make new friends too.
‘I have a germ an idea that’s been buzzing about since the summer and it is desperate to come out to play! It might become a thing, it might not, but it will definitely be fun little journey to embark on. So I’ll be going for it this January – just cos. Cos why not eh! I’m all for an adventure – are you?


‘Lupin loves the bird blanket I made with all my wee doodles. It keeps her warm in the mill studio.’

We can’t wait to see what Suzanne creates this month!

You can see more of Suzanne’s work on Instagram @whimsicallush
on Twitter @WhimSicALLusH and Facebook @WhimsicALLusH 
or on her website.

Join us this January 2020 and create every day!

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