Five reasons to take part in Fun A Day Dundee

Five reasons to take part in Fun A Day Dundee.png

Thinking about taking part in Fun A Day Dundee 2020? Need a little push to convince you? Take a look at our Top Five Reasons To Take Part in FADD2020 and you’ll be sure to want to join in!

  1. January is a long month

Short days, long dark nights, cold and damp – creating something every day for a month will help what can seem like the loooooongest month of the year pass more quickly.

2. Being creative can benefit your health

Studies show that creating can help reduce stress and negative emotions which can only be a good thing. Focusing on something in the moment can be good for the mind and creating something can help turn a bad day into a good one!

3. It’s a great chance to grow your skills

Doesn’t matter what you choose to do – painting, drawing, crocheting, knitting, sewing, baking, writing, dancing, singing – the list is endless. By doing a little every day you’ll see what you like to do and what you’re good at. Practice makes perfect (and even if it doesn’t, who wants perfect anyway!)

4. You can connect with other creative people

Search the #FADD2020 hashtag on social media and see what other Fun A Day-ers are getting up to you. It’s so inspiring to see what everyone chooses to do, you might even find something you’d like to try for next year. We have meet ups if you’d like to come along and, of course, there’s the showcase at Easter where you can celebrate with all the other Fun A Day participants.

5. It’s fun!

Life is always full of busyness and to do lists. It’s great to take time out to do something that’s just for you and is fun! It’s up to you what you do, there are no rules and you can do as little or as much as you like.

We can’t wait for you to join us. Get in touch on social media or email funadaydundee@gmail.comto register and get your welcome email and info!

Join us in January 2020 and create every day!

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