My Fun A Day story | Louise Kirby


Every year we are inspired by the variety of skills on show during Fun A Day in Dundee. We want you to be inspired too, so we’re sharing some of our previous participants’ stories as we get ready for Fun A Day Dundee 2020! 

Whatever you’d like to create, we want to see it! 

Let’s hear from Louise Kirby, who has taken part in Fun A Day over the years.

‘I think FADD is a great way to start the year, it keeps you motivated. Over the years I’ve done various wee projects, but for me it’s important to keep it open with no defined outcome so I can keep the fun element.’

‘Every year there is a real variety of work in the exhibition, and always some yummy jelly sweeties! I highly recommend taking part.’

Here are some examples of Louise’s beautiful work…


Fun A Day 2014: ‘Using simple materials and things I had at home working quickly and playfully.’

Fun A Day 2016: ‘Ink drawings and collages of the things I love, mostly inspired by my home, recipes and foods.’

Fun A Day 2018: ‘Sketches, paper cuts of local shops.’

Fun A Day 2019: ‘Playing with pattern inspired by nature.’

We can’t wait to see what Louise creates in 2020!

You can see more of Louise’s work on Instagram @louisekirbydesign
on Twitter @LouiseKirbyDesign, Facebook @LouiseKirbyDesign or on her website

Join us in January 2020 and create every day!

Follow us on Instagram @funadaydundee | Twitter @FADDundee | Facebook @FunaDayDundee

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