My Fun A Day Story |Ed Muirhead

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Every year we are inspired by the variety of skills on show during Fun A Day in Dundee. We want you to be inspired too, so we’re sharing some of our previous participants’ stories as we get ready for Fun A Day Dundee 2020! 

Whatever you’d like to create, we want to see it! 

Let’s hear from Ed Muirhead, a regular participant since 2014.

‘Fun A Day Dundee has been really great for me to be part of the past few years. Since I first head about it and took part in 2014, I’ve looked forward to it every January.’

‘I’ve done a whole host of different things: making, collecting, painting, designing and writing song lyrics – add to this the bonus of being inspired by the wide range of exciting and creative projects people come up with around here – seeing them develop over the month, then finally all coming together in the exhibition – it’s awesome!’

‘As a ‘non-artist’ there’s been no issues at any point – and it’s cool because I can just get on with whatever I happen to come up with…wondering what I’ll do for 2020!’

Ed has also provided us with some live music at our exhibition opening nights, as well as exhibiting! Here’s a picture from the 2017 Exhibition opening:


Some of the lyrics Ed wrote for his 2014 project made it into future albums of his. One in particular is ‘Starlit Sky’ written about the experience of grieving a friend who committed suicide. You can listen to it here.

You can also see all of Ed’s work from previous years with Fun A Day Dundee on this really cool website.

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Join us in January 2020 and create every day!

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