Participants 2017

We are in the last week of Fun A Day Dundee 2017 and how time has flown! We are looking at approx 50 participants to exhibit work from their fun projects at the exhibition on Friday 10th February (7pm) that runs until Sunday 12th Feb at WASPS artist studios. We’ve had the front row seat to watching inspirational, funny, beautiful and creative projects unfold throughout the month, and we look forward to sharing it with you all at the exhibition next month.

For now, we shall share some of the participants and their projects below…
(A full list, pictures, and detail will be available of all participants at the time of the exhibition.)

1. Whimsical Lush – Suzanne Scott
The Secret Village of Aurora

Whimsical Lush is creating an A3 illustration of ‘The secret village of aurora’. Suzanne produces unique, quirky illustrations that she features on ranges of prints, stationary, mugs and jewellery. Her work is mesmerizing to look at, especially in her stop motion videos, as well as being delightful and quirky. You can see more of her work here, on Instagram, Twitter, and on Facebook.


2.  Cally’s Bonny Claith – Cally Booker
Triaxial Weaving with Christmas Cards

Cally is a handweaver, textile designer, writer and teacher in Dundee. “Weaving is a craft which can be meticulously planned or improvised at the loom, and a combination of these approaches appeals to the different parts of my nature.” This year for Fun A Day Dundee, Cally has used old Christmas cards for weaving, producing bright, interesting, and beautiful forms using material that is often thrown away by many of us. You can see more from Cally here, on Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Ruby Loves Red – Sandra Cassidy
English Paper Piecing

Sandra is using the English Paper Piecing technique usually associated with quilting, to create flat images. “I am going to use the same shape throughout the month to create patterns using various fabrics and just see where playing around with the patterns and shapes takes me.” We love all the ways she has been piecing together the hexagons, as well as photographing them. You can see more of this on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


4. Mhairi Wild – Visual Artist
Invisible – Life of an Artist Carer

Mhairi is working with mixed media, research, poems, books, and sketchbooks for her Fun A Day project. Her work has been intricate, thoughtful, and beautifully constructed. Visit her on Facebook to see more on her project, as well Twitter, and Instagram.

5. Just Judith Design – Judith McDowall
Marbling Mayhem

Judith McDowall is a textile designer and maker, making women’s and girls clothing, and accessories using vintage, upcycled, hand dyed or printed fabric. Judith’s project for Fun A Day Dundee this year, is to spend a little time each day experimenting with new ways to marble, starting on upcycled proseco/cava bottles. “Who knows where it will end”. We love that many projects are open to change during the month which we believe helps projects develop past January and into new work. You can see more from Judith on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


6. Stuart MacBean
Drawings that Represent Places



Stuart is a freelance Animator and Illustrator who enjoys life drawing when travelling and out and about. Stuart’s Fun A Day Dundee project depicts his travels, by producing 31 drawings that represent the 31 places that he visited last year. We love the idea of a travel diary that holds memories/feelings in a more personal way, and Stuart’s sketches are full of life, which make them enjoyable to look at alongside his thoughts/memories of the location. You can see more of Stuart here, as well as on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


7. David Kendall
Everyday Things I’ve Done


David’s work has been entertaining us throughout January. Each day is a surprise, using mixed media and a simple frame to his advantage. His self portraits are just that – pressing his face against paper, a stick that depicts a nice walk, the small remnants of the Christmas tree  – all tell a story past what is being framed. You can see more of him on Twitter.


8. Andrea Sayers – handdryerstains
(and her 5 year old daughter)


Andrea has made Fun A Day Dundee just that. A lot of fun activities, and drawings with her daughter. We personally like Bread Bus – we hope he continues to strive on through his old age in public transport. To see work by Andrea, check out Instagram, and Etsy.


9. Connor Clark
– Unknown Picture Photography
Photography with IPhone

We love Connors charming photographs, all in different locations around Scotland throughout January. They are a breath of fresh air, drawing you in, eager to see more and go exploring yourself. There are several Fun A Day Dundee projects using photography, and each one different in tone, purpose, and feeling. You can find Connor on Facebook.


10. Leonie Garrett
Landscape-based gouache painting


Leonie is painting every day, using landscape and garden as inspiration. She is spending roughly an hour a day painting a new piece each time. The painting pictured above, she shares, is “probably my favourite so far”. We look forward to seeing the other days in January depicted through Leonies paintings!


11. Little White Desk – Clare Stansfield


Clare’s Fun A Day Dundee project embodies 31 individual, handrawn portraits of those who we have lost last year, as the number and significance of those lost in 2016 was notable and had created a great impact for many of us. Clare’s portraits are handrawn using Posca pens on square chunks of wood. You can see more from Clare on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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