Fun A Day 2017 in motion!

Fun A Day Dundee is in its second week already, and participants have made time to accomplish all sorts of fun into their daily routines. This year there has been record breaking interest/ sign ups before Fun A Day kicked off in January, which illustrates the growing popularity of Fun A Day Dundee.

Participants of all ages and occupations are joining in, with a variety of art forms, physical activities, craft, and documentation being  their daily goal. So far participant numbers are ranging between 40 – 50, with everyone determined make January and 2017 a fun, and Happy New Year!

Below is a selection of work in production

Chris Duke Design – Project: ‘There and Then’ – Her project combines having fun with exercise by walking and exploring to capture moments. Instagram

Judy Scott – Judy’s project consists of mini design collages which are beautifully bright. Instagram

Cally Booker – This year Cally is producing triaxial weavings with sliced up Christmas cards, mounting each piece on 8″ square card. Instagram

Lillias Chisholm – Lillias project is to make a red queen dress in January. You can catch her on youtube talking about her project as well as Instagram

Kate Morton- Kate is taking a video each day in January as a new way of capturing moments/ details, while hoping to learn new skills along the way. Instagram

Sandra Cassidy –  Sandra is using the English Paper Piecing technique associated with quilting to create flat images. She is using the same shape throughout the month to create patterns using various fabrics, seeing where playing around takes her.

From top left to bottom right: 1. Nicola Donnelly – Reading a chapter of a book a day. 2. Lucy Robertson – Instagram 3.  Ellie Fiddes – What to do with a shed skin from a six foot Boa Constrictor? Facebook  4. Judith Mcdowall / Just Judith Design – ‘Marbling Mayhem’ Spending a little time each day experimenting with new ways to marble, starting on up-cycled bottles.

Top left to bottom right: 1.Mhairi Wild Visual Artist Facebook  2. Suzanne Scott / Whimsical Lush Facebook 3. Marilyn Rattray Instagram 4. Lucy Robertson  Instagram 


From top left to bottom right: 1. Rosemary Herd Instagram 2. Mai M Instagram  3. and 4. Jill Skulina  Instagram 

From Top left to bottom right: 1. and 2. Jennifer Robson Instagram 3. Ed Muirhead  4. Connor Clark Facebook

From top left to bottom right:1. Jo Barcas Buchan Twitter 2. Jo Jo Helfer Instagram 3. Hazel Saunderson Instagram 4. Clare Hogwood Instagram 

From top left to bottom right: 1. David Kendall 2. Connor Cassidy  3. and 4. Caroline Simpson Instagram 

From top left to bottom right: Little White Desk Facebook 2. Jill Skulina Instagram 3. Fiona Scharlau  4. Becca Frances Instagram


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