Happy FUN Year 2017!

It’s Saturday 31st December 2016… and that means we are just hours away from kick starting our FUN New Year! We are thrilled to have an increase of interest early on this year, and hope that you all benefit from taking part in Fun A Day Dundee!

So, the most important thing to do, is just to get started! You can find more ideas and take a look at previous Fun A Day exhibitions and projects on Artclash, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Some quick examples for a project to give you an idea; take a photo, make food, go for a walk, draw, be active, write, sing, make the bed, read, hug someone… You can do whatever you want! There will also be a group exhibition in February where any work produced will be displayed to the public! (This is optional, but it is always a great way to bookmark the end of Fun A Day and the beginning of a prosperous New Year.) Remember to let us know that you are taking part by dropping us an email at FunADayDundee@gmail.com or signing up on Eventbrite by the 14 January.


31 Days of Fun

It is simple to join the Fun A Day Dundee. Start by picking a fun project that you can do every day in January 2017, (this can be almost anything as stated above!) You can complete your project anywhere you like (in Dundee, in Hawaii, in a shed, at your desk, on the street), and have work to produce for the final group exhibition in February, where all Fun A Day Dundee participants exhibit their efforts to the public and mingle together!


Everyone is Welcome

Everyone is welcome to join Fun A Day Dundee. You can be an artist, a baker, a drummer, a doodler, a designer, a gardener, a photographer, a family…  We would encourage you to invite all of your friends to join the fun, or to help you make your fun. It is free to participate in Fun a Day Dundee and it is free to attend the exhibition.


Find time for Fun

Realistically it probably isn’t possible for your Fun a Day project to consume your whole day, but it should be possible to find one element in your day that is fun, or to find the time in your day to create a little bit of fun. Think of it as a creative experiment. Invest as much or as little time as you have. Making an attempt everyday will ensure you stick at it. We can guarantee that you will be happy to see how 31 little actions can come together to create something much bigger.


Definition of Fun

We are almost certain that what constitutes as fun will be quite different for many people. Yet, there is a common understanding that doing something fun will make people happy, with the common definition being that fun is a pleasant, enjoyable and light hearted activity. We can’t wait to see what people come up with in this daily quest for fun making, how you all interpret fun, and what you make of it. Projects can be silly, light hearted, half-finished, serious… whatever makes you happy!


Why Join In?

Many people find January to be a difficult month in the year, feeling run down after the previous year, or getting back into a routine after the festive period. Every year I participated in Fun A Day, I found my attitude towards the month and year to be on a much more positive note. You find yourself striving to do something you enjoy, to achieve daily goals, start a new hobby, goal, passion, project etc. Many people find that Fun A Day really does kick start their year. It can open up new doors, new opportunities, and you meet lots of new people during the project and at the exhibition!


Share the Fun

Many Fun A Day participants like to share their progress throughout January on social media. Over the past 2 years this activity has increased, due to the increased user activity on social media sites. We do encourage people to share their progress/pictures/thoughts etc on social media using #funadaydundee and #funaday, as well as tagging us, but do not feel that you have to. Many participants benefit from working through their project by themselves. We are available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us on your preferred site, you don’t have to post or hashtag on every one, we just like to make ourselves available to everyone!

Best Wishes for you Fun New Year!
Sam Baxter



Previous Fun A Day Projects:

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