Highlights: Start of January!

So far we have enjoyed seeing colourful, thought provoking, beautiful & intriguing work for Fun A Day Dundee. We hope that it inspires more people to try something new/ FUN this month, and throughout the rest of the year! Here are a selection of images from just some of our Fun Makers so far:

Fun Makers Pictured: (in order)

  1. Sally Owen – TWIGGED
  2. Violet Raven Creations – Blackout Poem
  3. Judy Scott – NEON PLAY
  4. Louise Kirby / Kirbyrecipies
  5.  Becca Greig
  6. Ed 
  7. Dylan Drummond – Month of self portraits
  8. Rebecca / woollyjones 
  9. Chisholm Puppets
  10. Sam McPherson
  11. Cally’s Bonny Claith
  12. Penny & Morgan – Yoga Pose A Day
  13. Lauren Herd – Fun A Day Tombola

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