Fun Time

It’s officially the end of 2015, and we are two days away from a bright, happy, FUN new year! We want to share the FUN we have had in previous years, where creativity, goals, and networking, help kick off a Happy New Year!

Don’t worry if you haven’t landed on an idea fully yet, there’s still time to test a few ideas and land on something you find you will enjoy producing during January. Check out our Fun Photos for some inspiration from previous years, and even our Facebook page, and Twitter feed for current news and work!

How you choose to record your #FunADay project is up to you. You definitely don’t need to upload it online every day, but we welcome anyone that wants to upload their work online (in a blog/Tumblr/Flickr/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook), to let us now and share it with us using the #FunADay and #Dundee hashtags. Previous Fun Makers have found that uploading something everyday has helped them keep track and see how their project is progressing.

Thanks to everyone who has already registered on eventbrite, and if you’re a little late to signing up – no problem! Just let us know by January the 12th at the latest so we can be sure to make room for you at the exhibition. If you have any further questions drop us an email at, on Twitter, or Facebook.

We would love to hear/ see how projects are evolving during the month, so please do share with us your FUN activities via social media, or even send us some images and text and we will feature you on this blog.

Happy Fun Year!!

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