Fun A Day 2016

Fun A Day Dundee is entering its 5th year!
If you have never heard of Fun a Day or have heard about it and are still not quite sure what its all about please let me explain…
Fun a Day takes place every day in the month of January, where people from all walks of life take a little time out of there day to do something Fun and Creative, it can take on any form you like, anything from photography, painting and drawing to baking, performance or digital art.

The idea is to brighten up your New Year or start your it with a purpose and some creativity, as we all know it can be a hard time of year to do any of these things so Fun A Day is here to help.
There is more information on the history of the project and what its all about right here on the Blog. If you wish to take part in Fun A Day 2016 please sign up on Eventbrite (on the link below) and if you would like to share your progress or ask us any questions please follow the links for Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook page


sign up here

so get your thinking caps on and we will look forward to seeing your creations in January!




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