Fun a Day Exhibition runs until Sunday 16th

The Fun a Day project encouraged people in Dundee to add an element of creative fun to the 31 days in January 2014. This exhibition is packed full of all that fun. The diverse collection of art work in the exhibition displays the need for everyone to make more time for fun and the collective power that a series of small actions can have. The exhibition will run from 11am to 4pm this Saturday and Sunday – so come and visit us.

Picture 16

We had over 50 people from Dundee register to take part in Fun a Day, 33 of those have brought work to the exhibition, but many more said they completed the project but weren’t able or didn’t want to exhibit. We welcomed art work from a range of people including local artists, designers, students, musicians, dancers, social workers – it has been a real delight to see how each project has unfolded. Over the next few days we will share some more detailed examples of the work with you – but here is just an example of what one of our fun makers said about taking part.Catherine McGovern, one of the artists who worked with her son to create work as part of the Fun a Day project said:

“We explored new techniques and mediums in order to create an ever evolving piece of art that would serve as a record of the fun we had experienced on each particular day.

Catherine continued.

“When we started this project it seemed like it would be a fun way to start the new year but it turned out to be so much more. Our final piece of work is a beautiful reminder to me of how quickly my son is growing up and how I need to grab each moment spent together no matter how messy, stressful or tiring because in hindsight all those moments have their fun!”

Exhibition Dates
Thursday 13th February – Exhibition Preview from 6pm to 9pm.
Friday 14th February – Exhibition Open 6pm to 8pm.
Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th February – Exhibition Open 11am to 4pm.Exhibition Venue Details
Meadow Mill
West Hendersons Wynd
A big thanks has to go out to Wasps studios for supporting us with the brilliant exhibition venue. It is a fantastic space and has been a delight to experience the wonderful atmosphere that exists in these artist studios.

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