Hazel: Finding a word every day

As I look at the date on the bottom of my computer screen I can barely believe that it says it is already the 22nd of January! As I set out on my quest to find a word each day for my Fun a Day project, I have been sometimes pleasantly surprised by the ease of it and on other days frustrated at the struggle of it.

My initial aim was to ask someone each day to give me a word that represented an element of their day. It seemed rather simple in it’s aim, but from the offset it was interesting to see how it puzzled even some of my closest friends and yet some of the strangers I asked were very open to it. Mostly they were amused (or bemused by it), they questioned the point of it and how I planned to put the short shots together, but almost everyone agreed to indulge me and offer me a word. I have shared a few examples below:

On the first of January one of my friends shared a word with me on the top of a rainy hill top. The word was: Homely.

Later in the month, another friend agreed to go on camera during a walk along the riverside in Dundee. The word was: Connections.

On my first day in New York I spoke to an artist whom I had bought a picture from and he agreed to share a word. The word was: Cold.

Today, a girl stopped to ask if I would take a photograph of her on Broadway, so I asked her for a word. The word was: Familiar.

I have managed to find a word most days, but when I have not managed a video I have collected words that have shown themselves to me in the places I have visited – one example is the word: Loitering.

I had to admit I don’t yet know how this project will turn out.  However, I can say that it was the start of a little personal exploration into their minds or their days. I can say that it has often surprised me the responses that I have received – even if the words have been expected – the reasons behind the choice for them aren’t always so obvious. So enjoy and if anybody would like to volunteer to share a word with me for the final few days of my month – send me a tweet at @hazler_06

*It is worth noting that I am using pretty basic tech to shoot these on – they have either been captured on my Iphone or my Canon Powershot and so far have only quickly been edited on the Videoshop Ihone App (I took the last two videos on my camera and edited them for this post on the app, which seems to have shrunk them – but I will rectify this for the final compilation). I am not as comfortable with film, as I am with photography. However, it is something I would like to explore more and I think the best way to start exploring anything is just to start and get stuck in. Sometimes it easier to figure out first what you can do, without worrying too much about what you can’t do.

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