Becca: A little bit of what my Fun A Day is about

I am taking a series of photos for my Fun A Day. I have been babysitting my nephew since he was just 5 weeks old once or twice a week, he is now almost 6 months old and it got me thinking about all the first times he is going to have: a first trip to the zoo, first Christmas, first time on solid food etc…

Then I started thinking about all my firsts and realised I was experiencing new things every day too – everything from new foods to my first time setting up an exhibition of just my own work (which starts tomorrow btw).

My life is far from boring! Therefore, my Fun A Day is full of first times. I’m anticipating it getting quite difficult as the month goes on because only yesterday I was feeling the January blues and  found it very difficult to find something new in my life, but then mum cooked an amazing pasty I had never tried before and my problem was solved.Image

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