31 People have registered to join Dundee’s Fun A Day Project


It is the 2nd January 2014 – that came quick!

*Update – since writing this post earlier today our count has grown to 38 people*

Our most recent count shows 31 people have pledged to join our Fun A Day project and become a fun maker this January. Wow! We have added them to our list of fun people and we are already excited about seeing the art created this January.

We have also had a number of verbal confirmations or interest shown in our Facebook event – so we simply ask anyone that hasn’t already registered on Eventbrite, sent us a message or emailed us to do so within the next few days. But otherwise just started having fun and creating!

Hazel, one of the Fun A Day organisers shares a little more about her project below:

 My personal fun a day project for 2014 is going to revolve around asking people to reflect. My plan is to ask people to pick out an element of their day and describe it with one word. I will record their responses on film. It is upon a similar theme to my paper cut word exploration last year, but I will be using a different medium to record the words and it will be less self reflective and more outward reaching.

I am not sure how people will respond to my questions. I plan to ask a mix of family, friends, colleagues and random people. I guess I hope to find a simple way to explore the different elements that matter to the different people I encounter each day.

Before I volunteered with the Fun A Day project this year, I had been saving my pennies for a holiday… Which means that I will now be conducting this experiment in Dundee, Toronto and New York over the next few weeks! So I am interested to see the varied responses from around the globe, and hopefully I will discover a few fun new words.

I started day one yesterday with some friends upon a slightly dreich Scottish hill top, I made them wait just a little longer in the rain so I could film their response to my question! I still need to venture out today to find someone to ask for day two – wish me luck!

Eventbrite - Fun A Day Dundee 2014

Words  © Hazel Saunderson 2013

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  1. Hazler says:

    Ok the count has now gone up to 36!

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